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Grant Title Deadlinesort descending Summary
McLean Foundation Grants No Deadline The foundation makes grants in a wide range of areas, including arts, conservation, education, health and welfare. It maintains a flexible policy, with particular emphasis on projects showing promise...
CIHR - Planning and Dissemination Grants on Lyme Disease No Deadline The CIHR – Institute of Infection and Immunity, the CIHR – Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis, and the Public Health Agency of Canada are inviting researchers to apply for Planning and...
Errol Sharpe Book Prize No Deadline Dominations made to an author of nominated books should be pro-socialist in approach, where "socialism" is very broadly conceived. The prize is for single or jointly authored original books,...
MSSOC Contract Research Organization (CRO) Grant No Deadline The MS Society of Canada is pleased to announce the launch of a new research funding competition – the Contract Research Organization (CRO) Grant. The CRO Grant will enable principal investigators to...
Gov General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts No Deadline The Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts are granted to artists in recognition of remarkable careers in either of those fields.  
CMHC Student Innovation Challenge Deadline Passed
(April 3, 2018)
The Alberta Rural Developmwnt Network (ARDN) is hosting a webinar about the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC’s) Student Innovation Challenge. This is a very unique and rewarding competition and...
Foreign Government Awards Program - Mexico Deadline Passed
(October 27, 2017)
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) of Mexico, through the Agencia Mexicana de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AMEXCID), offers scholarships to Canadians who wish to participate in an...
Canadian Botanical Association Awards No Deadline The Canadian Botanical Association offers several awards for research accomplishments. More information about these awards are available on their website. 
Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada Research Grant Deadline Passed
(January 29, 2017)
Funds Research Grants to: encourage the development of new technology and treatment methods; develop methods for the prevention and early recognition of physical disabilities; evaluate the...
2019 Alzheimer Society Research Program (ASRP) Competition Deadline Passed
(November 9, 2018)
The Alzheimer Society Research Program (ASRP) is a successful collaborative initiative of our Federation, within which all the provincial Alzheimer Societies, the Alzheimer Society of Canada (ASC),...
American Academy of Religion (AAR) Awards No Deadline The AAR awards tens of thousands of dollars each year to members in the form of research, regional development, and Annual Meeting travel grants. In addition to grant funding, the AAR annually awards...
The Leonard E. Boyle Dissertation Prize for Medieval Studies No Deadline The competition for this prize will be awarded to an outstanding dissertation in any field of medieval studies. The dissertation must be written by a Canadian or by someone resident in Canada....
Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP) No Deadline The Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP) provides funding for downstream research & development projects that focus on applying genomics-derived solutions to challenges or...
Operating Grant: Opioid Crisis Knowledge Synthesis Deadline Passed
(December 5, 2017)
In Canada, the dramatic and increasing number of overdoses and deaths related to the use of opioids is a national public health crisis. The Government of Canada is committed to tackling this crisis...
RiboClub Life Achievement Award No Deadline This award recognizes a Canadian scientist that significantly changed the landscape of RNA biology. A one of a kind watch selected specially for this occasion will be given every 10 years and the...
Canadian Cancer Society - Travel Awards May 15, 2019 Travel Awards Deadline dates There are normally three competitions each year: Full application deadline: Results announcement: Funding start date: 1st competition January 15 May...
CFI Major Science Initiatives Fund Deadline Passed
(April 21, 2016)
Since its inception in 1997, the CFI has supported the creation of a select number of key national research facilities. Owned by one or more institutions, these world-class facilities serve...
Arthritis Society - Training Post-Doctoral Fellowship Deadline Passed
(May 15, 2017)
The Postdoctoral Fellowship program provides support for highly qualified postdoctoral fellows to engage in research that is relevant to arthritis, under the supervision of an arthritis researcher...
The CHS / Pfizer Care Until Cure Research Program Deadline Passed
(November 15, 2018)
The CHS / Pfizer Care Until Cure Research Program was established in the year 2000 in collaboration with Wyeth Canada, now Pfizer. Pfizer Canada strives every day to help Canadians live healthy,...
Gene S. Stuart Award Deadline Passed
(January 10, 2015)
The award is given to the author of the most interesting and responsible original story or series about any archaeological topic published in a newspaper or magazine. Annual Award
Distinguished Service Awards - Plains Anthropological Society Deadline Passed
(August 1, 2016)
The award, established in 1991, recognizes outstanding lifetime achievement in Plains anthropological research, teaching, scholarship, and service to the profession.
Emerald Awards Government Institution Deadline Passed
(November 1, 2016)
Since 1992, over 2500 examples of creative thinking and innovation in environmental management systems, technologies and education programs have been shared, helping Alberta balance its growth and...
Alberta Culture and Tourism Project Script Development Grant Deadline Passed
(December 20, 2016)
The Project Script Development Grant supports Albertan writers, directors and producers by providing financial assistance towards the creation of quality, marketable and commercial production-ready...
AGRI Small Developmental Initiatives Deadline Passed
(December 22, 2016)
To support small developmental initiatives typically intended to lead to major grant applications.
Governor General's Literary Award Deadline Passed
(December 23, 2016)
The Governor General's Literary Awards are presented in recognition of the best Anglophone and best Francophone book in each of seven categories: Fiction, Literary Non-fiction, Poetry, Drama, Young...
Joseph Gittler Award Deadline Passed
(December 23, 2016)
The Joseph B. Gittler Award was established through a bequest from Joseph Gittler, PhD, who wished to recognize psychologists who are making and will continue to make scholarly contributions to the...
Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education Alberta Scholarships and Assistance Deadline Passed
(December 28, 2016)
Supports accessible, affordable and quality advanced learning opportunities for all Albertans, including providing student aid and scholarships and bursaries to eligible students.
Alberta Education Scholarships Deadline Passed
(December 28, 2016)
Learn about awards and scholarships available to Alberta students, including those for international education programs or activities.
Alberta Precision Health Initiative Development Grant Deadline Passed
(January 1, 2017)
The objective is to facilitate the coalescence of multi-sectoral teams and enabling those teams to develop cohesive plans which address health and health system challenges that can best be resolved...
Canadian Cancer Society Knowledge to Action Grants Deadline Passed
(January 4, 2017)
Knowledge to Action Grants to support research that will close the gap between what is known from research and what is done with that knowledge. These grants provide funding for projects that build...
Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) Deadline Passed
(January 6, 2017)
Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) funding provides financial assistance to acquire, build, purchase, repair, renovate, upgrade or expand sports, recreational, cultural or other related...
The Berggruen Prize Deadline Passed
(January 7, 2017)
The goal of the Berggruen Institute's Philosophy and Culture Center is to develop fresh ideas through comparative and interdisciplinary work and relate these insights to the pressing issues of our...
Musagetes Fund Application Arts & Culture Grants Deadline Passed
(January 7, 2017)
Musagetes is an international organization that makes the arts more central and meaningful in people's lives, in our communities, and in our societies.  
American Brain Tumor Association Discovery Grant Deadline Passed
(January 8, 2017)
The American Brain Tumor Association Discovery Grant is a one year award supporting high risk/high impact projects that have the potential to change current diagnostic or treatment paradigms for...
Guggenheim Fellowship In Creative Arts, Mathematics, Humanities Deadline Passed
(January 9, 2017)
Guggenheim Fellowships are intended for individuals who have already demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts. Guggenheim Fellowships...
Sloan Research Fellowships Deadline Passed
(January 9, 2017)
These two-year, $65,000 fellowships are awarded yearly to 126 researchers in recognition of distinguished performance and a unique potential to make substantial contributions to their field. The...
SAA Native American Scholarships Deadline Passed
(January 12, 2017)
The Native American Scholarships Fund is an endowment established to foster a sense of shared purpose and positive interaction between archaeologists and Native Americans. Scholarships are open to...
Alberta Canada 150 Grant Deadline Passed
(January 15, 2017)
Grant outcome expected:  Provide funding to small and medium size organizations that have previously not applied or received funding and whose mandate supports one of the four themes.  Supports...
Strategic Partnership Grants for Projects Deadline Passed
(February 1, 2017)
Where priorities and programs align, NSERC may sign Memoranda of Understanding to establish mechanisms for joint funding of collaborative research and innovation projects conducted by teams from both...
CCSRI Impact Grants Deadline Passed
(March 4, 2017)
Intended to contribute to the scientific idea "pipeline" by supporting significant progression in cancer research programs, from individual investigators or multidisciplinary teams, that are anywhere...
ARDN Creating Rural Connections Deadline Passed
(March 21, 2017)
The ARDN is a not-for-profit partnership of nine Albertan colleges and universities. ARDN members work together to support and enhance the well-being of individuals and the vibrancy of communities....
Workers' Compensation Board Research Programs Deadline Passed
(March 31, 2017)
Our research program encourages scientific exploration into topics applicable to workers' compensation. We provide funding to high-quality research projects which address some of the pressing issues...
AGRI Grad student Scholarships Deadline Passed
(April 1, 2017)
To build new researcher capacity and promote expansion of gambling research.
CIHR - Investigator Grants in Maternal, Reproductive, Child & Youth Health Deadline Passed
(April 18, 2017)
This funding opportunity to support New Investigators in Maternal, Reproductive, Child and Youth Health is a collaboration between seven CIHR institutes. The goal of the program is to build research...
Canadian Cancer Society Prevention Innovation Grant Deadline Passed
(May 1, 2017)
The Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI) in partnership with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research- Institute of Cancer Research (CIHR-ICR), will jointly fund this Innovation...
CoGEA Award Deadline Passed
(May 1, 2017)
Historically, this award has honored those who have acted to raise awareness of women's contributions to anthropology, worked to identify barriers to full participation by women in anthropology, or...
MS Scientific Research Foundation Collaborative Team Grant Deadline Passed
(May 5, 2017)
The Team Grant supports transformative research that can have significant scientific, socio-economic and health impacts.
Health information systems or adolescent sexual and reproductive health in the Middle East and North Africa Deadline Passed
(May 9, 2017)
Despite progress in health outcomes achieved in the MENA region, this progress has been uneven and recently tested due to growing economic and political challenges. Furthermore, health systems in the...
Drummond Foundation - Aging Related Research Deadline Passed
(May 15, 2017)
The Drummond Foundation invites applications for Grants from clinical investigators working in Canada who are interested in aging-related research and in improving the quality of life of socially,...
Quality of Life Research Grants Deadline Passed
(May 15, 2017)
Quality of Life Research Grants to support research that has the potential to make a significant impact on the burden of disease in patients, survivors and caregivers. These grants explore...