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Wiszowaty to speak at Galileo's

There is no way to truly understand the hardships developing countries face than to immerse yourself in that situation. Robin Wiszowaty has done this and on Monday, Oct. 26, she will share these experiences with the University of Lethbridge.

"Robin Wiszowaty has experienced things that U of L Students could learn a lot from," says Alex Massé, University of Lethbridge Students' Union vice-president academic. "We're honoured to be hosting her lecture."

Wiszowaty, who was born and raised in Illinois, has devoted her life to helping others. She has done this by immersing herself into Maasai life, living in a small Maasai village in Kenya with an adoptive family in a hut. She spoke solely in Swahili, and was forced to confront issues like extreme poverty, drought, corruption and female circumcision.

Kenya is now home for this fearless young woman. She splits her time between her adoptive family in Kenya and her Toronto residence.

Wiszowaty is also an author and a motivational speaker, and she is serving as the Kenya Program Director for Free The Children in Kenya.

Wiszowaty has written a memoir that details her experiences and struggles while living in Kenya entitled My Maasai Life: From Suburbia to Savannah.

On Monday, Oct. 26 at 10 a.m. in Galileo's Lounge (SU234), she'll speak to students, staff, faculty and the general public about her trials and tribulations in a talk titled, My Maasai Life.