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University names 2019 President's Award winners

The President’s Award for Service Excellence is awarded annually to University of Lethbridge employees in recognition of the provision of exceptional service to the University of Lethbridge and members of the University community.

Typically, one award is given to an AUPE/ESS employee, one award is given to an APO/Executive Director employee and a third is given to a team or group that has distinguished itself. Award recipients are honoured at the annual Long Service Awards and Retirement Recognition Ceremony.

Following are the 2019 winners.

AUPE - Chris Morris

Chris Morris

In his role as technical specialist in the Department of Music, U of L alumnus Chris Morris has proven himself to be an indispensable asset to the University of Lethbridge community. Over the years, Chris has seamlessly supported students, faculty, staff and visiting artists through his vast knowledge base combined with his natural interpersonal skills.

Chris’s responsibilities include managing all of the digital audio equipment and spaces, troubleshooting technical problems, providing studio training and repairing audio equipment. Despite having such an extensive list of responsibilities, he handles it all with a level head. His attention to detail and emphasis on organization allow him to problem-solve with a high degree of efficiency and care. When someone comes to Chris with a problem, they can be sure he’ll find a solution.

Juggling countless moving parts does not stop Chris from remaining a genuine and encouraging presence on campus. Anyone who encounters Chris is sure to remember his thoughtful approach to the work that he does. Further, our students are always top of mind for Chris, and he is always scoping out new, cutting-edge opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and skillsets. He is always willing to go above and beyond what is expected of him, even if it means putting in extra time or energy.

APO - Jon Oxley

Jon Oxley

Through his dedication to going above and beyond to complete a project, Jon Oxley epitomizes what it means to approach one’s work with their whole heart. Jon’s extensive expertise, friendly nature and willingness to go the extra mile sets him apart.

During his time at the University of Lethbridge, Jon has championed a number of roles. His impressive history includes positions such as Students’ Union president, Art Gallery tech, Students’ Union manager and now, administrative manager of the Art Gallery. He is a familiar face on campus, and he treats his many interactions with positivity and generosity.

Jon consistently takes a leadership role in anything he does. Whether it is preparing for a new installation at the Art Gallery or ensuring projects are on track to be completed, Jon remains at the front lines. As an example, Jon was a central figure in the recent gift from Dr. Margaret (Marmie) Perkins Hess, taking on such responsibilities as corresponding between departments and managing the acquisition of more than 1,500 objects.

Whether he is trouble-shooting technical challenges or finding ways to bring the arts to the wider community, Jon maintains a steady composure to ensure that the job gets done. His generous spirit extends into his life outside of work, where he actively volunteers throughout the community. He is also likely not too far from a good cup of coffee.

Team - Institutional Analysis

The IA Team consisting of James Croil, Mandy Moser and Jon Kozub. Not pictured is Darlene Unrau.

When it comes to deciphering patterns in a setting as diverse as a university, nobody does it better than the Institutional Analysis team. Comprised of Mandy Moser, Darlene Unrau, Jon Kozub, and James Croil, this team of four U of L alumni are exemplars in transforming data into insight that informs the future of the University of Lethbridge.

Described as the University’s detectives, this team interprets data to find solutions, propose improvements and inform decision-making processes across our campuses. Thanks to their solution-driven approach, the discoveries they make are translated into strong steps forward.

Although they are a small group, their reach is wide — from departmental levels to executive decision-making and budget, to government reporting. Their ability to collaborate with diverse groups and work towards smart solutions further cements their position as leaders within our community. For instance, not only are they experts in their own roles, but they actively work to communicate their expertise so that others can grow their own confidence in data management.

Their work requires long hours and oftentimes they are faced with quick turnarounds. Yet, they always meet a challenge with the necessary vigor and innovationto complete a task well. The calibre of the work they do is consistently impressive, both in quantity and quality.