University of Lethbridge medal winners to be recognized at Spring 2024 Convocation

The University of Lethbridge is excited to celebrate the achievements of its 2024 graduating class this week at Spring 2024 Convocation.

Distinguishing themselves among the 1,432 graduates are the ULethbridge medal winners for 2024. They are as follows:

Gold Medal of the Governor General — Rajwinder Kaur (Ceremony I)
(Awarded to the student with the highest academic standing at the graduate level)

Rajwinder Kaur came to ULethbridge having completed her Bachelor and Master of Science in Chemistry from India, and subsequently started a master’s degree at ULethbridge in 2017 before transferring to a PhD program in 2019. She received a prestigious Alberta Innovates scholarship along with Board of Governors and School of Graduate Studies tuition scholarships. While at ULethbridge, Kaur published six research articles, and presented her work at 23 local, national and international conferences. After her successful experience in research during graduate studies, Kaur accepted a postdoctoral fellowship position at the University of Toronto.

Silver Medal of the Governor General — Cameron Beazer (Ceremony I)
(Awarded to the student with the highest academic standing at the undergraduate level)

Cameron Beazer is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Psychology (double major), with a 4.00 GPA that included A’s in 35 classes. He took several independent study courses, learning to apply his classroom work to practice and was supported by multiple scholarships and awards, including the Chinook Entrance Scholarship, Chinook Summer Research Award, NSERC Summer Research Scholarship and other local and provincial awards. He looks forward to studying medicine for a career in the medical field.

Undergraduate Academic Medals

Faculty of Arts & Science Gold Medal (Arts) — Jan Lawrenz Decano (Ceremony II)
An urban and regional studies student with a minor in anthropology, Jan Lawrenz Decano wrote his honours thesis on migrant app-based delivery drivers. He served as a research assistant on a SSHRC-funded research project on Sanctuary Cities and Families, led by Dr. Julie Young, that resulted in a co-authored paper. He further presented his research at conferences such as the Western Division Canadian Association of Geographers and the Canadian Association for Refugee and Forced Migration Studies.

Faculty of Arts & Science Gold Medal (Science) — Elisha Wong (Ceremony I)
Elisha Wong earned her Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience with a minor in art history. She spent four years working in Dr. Robert Sutherland’s lab where she completed her undergraduate honours thesis on cognitive enrichment and Alzheimer’s disease pathology. In completing this work, she mastered multiple disparate techniques that enabled her to undertake productive experiments including using a mouse model to measure sex differences in the way experience directs the birth of new neurons in a relevant adult brain circuit. She was also a leader on the iGEM team that won a gold medal in Paris in 2023.

Faculty of Education Gold Medal — Toshi Uyesugi (Ceremony III)
Toshi Uyesugi graduates with a perfect 4.0 in both mathematics and education. In addition to her excellence in the classroom, Uyesugi was outstanding during her PS III internship at St. Mary’s School in Taber. Able to adapt to a unique learning environment — teaching subjects like Math 20 in high school along with middle school science — students respected and enjoyed working in the safe learning environment that she fostered. Uyesugi was eager to apply critical thinking practices that supported and encouraged a growth mindset within her classroom.

Alberta Teacher’s Association William Aberhart Gold Medal in Education — Hayley Bedard (Ceremony III)
A general social sciences/Indigenous education major, Hayley Bedard is widely regarded as an emerging teacher who will change the field of education. She achieved a near perfect GPA in the classroom, while her Professional Inquiry Project, focused on increasing student engagement through thinking routines, received top honours. Bedard showcased her intentional planning and reflection, commitment to relationship and trust building, and willingness to adapt to the needs of her students throughout her highly successful PS III internship at Nicholas Sheran Elementary School.

Faculty of Fine Arts Gold Medal — Alayna McNeil (Ceremony II)
A violinist who earned a Bachelor of Music with Great Distinction, Alayna McNeil has been described as an exceptionally committed student demonstrating top-level musicianship, community engagement and leadership, dedication to her studies, and the potential for a successful career as a professional violinist.

Faculty of Health Sciences Gold Medal — CJ Johnson (Ceremony II)
A strong supporter of peers and staunch advocate for social justice, CJ Johnson actively engages with issues of affordable housing and accessible mental health service. Johnson worked and volunteered in the community, supporting the most vulnerable populations — the unhoused and those with mental health issues. Johnson developed strong fundraising skills through writing grants for several non-profits in the community and displayed the ability to adapt their communication skills to diverse communities and groups with which they worked.

Dhillon School of Business Gold Medal — Cassidy Christman (Ceremony IV)
Cassidy Christman completed a Bachelor of Management in Accounting with Great Distinction. An exceptional, engaged and hardworking student who is impressive on all fronts, her analytical skills are first-rate. Her participation in class discussions added immensely to other students’ interest and understanding of the course, and she is poised to distinguish herself in her professional career.

Graduate Academic Medals

School of Graduate Studies Medal of Merit, Doctor of Philosophy — Rajwinder Kaur (Ceremony I)
See write-up above.

School of Graduate Studies Medal of Merit, Master of Music — Sonny-Ray Day Rider (Ceremony II)
Sonny-Ray Day Rider is a gifted composer of national stature who has already started a brilliant professional career. He has achieved recognition and performances of his work from some of the finest orchestras and ensembles in Canada.

School of Graduate Studies Medal of Merit, Master of Education — Counselling Psychology — Moriah Edge-Partington (Ceremony III)
An outstanding student, Moriah Edge-Partington consistently exhibited the qualities of tenacity, intelligence, integrity and commitment throughout her studies. Her thesis, An Examination of Work-Related Stress and Resilience in Canadian Teachers, is an exceptional study examining one of the most pressing issues impacting education internationally.

School of Graduate Studies Medal of Merit, Master of Counselling — Applied Psychology — Sydney Gelineau-Olay (Ceremony III)
Sydney Gelineau-Olay’s academic excellence and perseverance contributed to her writing an outstanding 150-page project to advance the rights of 2SLGBTQIA+ therapy clients. As a student, she also presented at two conferences, wrote a textbook chapter and served her fellow students as a Residence Assistant.

University of Lethbridge Spring 2024 Convocation ceremonies take place Thursday, May 30 and Friday, May 31 at the 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport and Wellness, beginning at 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. each day.

For complete information on Spring 2024 Convocation, visit the convocation web page.