Campus Life

University excited to celebrate International Education Week and the global perspective

The University of Lethbridge will join over 100 countries around the globe in celebrating International Education Week (IEW) Nov. 6-10, 2017 with a host of performances, demonstrations, lectures, films and assorted activities.

As part of IEW, the Department of Asian Studies and the International Office will also be presenting Asian Culture Days.

“Our campus is truly a global campus, with students from more than 70 countries attending the U of L,” says Paul Pan, executive director, International. “We are extremely fortunate that our campus experience features this amazing collection of people from all over the world. We have this great opportunity to learn from each other, share our experiences and gain a global perspective.”

The week begins with a major gift announcement from the Brawn Family Foundation that supports students and global citizenship at 12 p.m. in the University Centre for the Arts Atrium. There will be a photo booth in the atrium where students are invited to share what International Education Week means to them and a performance from the University’s Global Drums ensemble.

Throughout the week, a variety of events have been designed to both illuminate and celebrate internationalization. Asian Culture Days activities include lectures, performances from the Taka Karate School and Champion Tae Kwon Do, feature films, Minyo Dancers and more.

“Creating intercultural skills through events such as these leads to knowledge and understanding,” says Pan. “We are proud to graduate students with an enhanced world view, giving them an advantage both culturally and professionally as they look to succeed in an increasingly interdependent world.”

For a complete look at IEW and Asian Culture Days events, follow this link: