University encourages donations be made to Red Cross/Salvation Army

The University of Lethbridge is encouraging those interested in helping evacuees who are temporarily housed in campus residences to make cash donations to organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

In recent days, a few well-meaning residents have dropped off physical donations on campus.

As the University is not set up to receive and process these items, unsolicited donations become an additional challenge for staff members who are working daily to make our High River guests comfortable at the University.

"The willingness to give demonstrated by Lethbridge and area residents is truly extraordinary," says Erin Crane, manager of Conference Services and Events. "Unfortunately, unsolicited donations at our campus, especially if received in bulk, can be an unnecessary distraction for our staff and volunteers. The University is receiving the additional support it requires through organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army."

Monetary donations can be made to the Red Cross through their website at and to the Salvation Army at