Toth, Fowler, construction team honoured

The President's Award for Service Excellence recognizes exceptional service to the University of Lethbridge and members of the University community. The award is given to two individuals: one AUPE staff member and one APO/Exempt Support Staff Member. In addition, a Team Award has been added this year.

Calvin Toth
(APO/Exempt support staff)

Renowned as a knowledgeable, hard working and positive member of the University community, Cal Toth joined the Curriculum Re-Development Centre (CRDC) in May 2003 and has been a valuable asset ever since.

Toth is best known around the University for his constant dedication to ensuring the numerous on-campus events have the high quality sound and event support needed to be successful.

Whether he's recording a voice over, representing the U of L at a conference, supporting events or assisting in the implementation of educational technology, his commitment to always go above and beyond the call of duty is ever present.

Toth is known for always saying, "Yes, we can do that," and is consistently willing to put in the extra effort required to make it happen.

A true testament to his commitment to the University of Lethbridge is evident to all those involved in the events that occur during convocation week. He is one of the first to show up in the morning and often the last person to leave, regularly juggling multiple engagements and working long hours.

More than that, despite the hectic days, he always has a smile on his face, and takes true pride in helping to make the U of L shine.

Kim Fowler
(AUPE staff)

A 20-year employee of the University, Kim Fowler exemplifies customer service through her positive working relationships with students, co-workers, and members of the University community as a whole.

Kim Fowler

Kim Fowler's positive nature and smiling disposition are infectious and she is well respected by everyone with whom she has contact. Responsible for the roommate assignment and placement of 586 students in residence each fall, she continuously seeks ways to improve the services offered to the resident student population.

One example of her dedication to improving the student experience is her work with students in the Nursing Program. These students take their first two years of study at Lethbridge College, and they are not always aware of the distance between the University and College campuses. Fowler spent considerable time contacting the 19 first-year applicants to the program, then co-ordinated with the College to determine when they would be making room offers for first-year students. This allowed the incoming class an opportunity to cancel their housing application and learn about how to apply for College housing.

This example is just one of many instances where Fowler goes over and above, seeking out solutions to potential problems and making students' needs her number one priority.

Team Recipient

Over the past 10 years the landscape of the University Campus has been changing. Countless hours and a significant amount of dedication, skill and effort has been invested by a group to make the transformations we see a not only a reality but to ensure they are a success.

The Major Building Reconstruction Team. Back row (left to right) Bill Hudgins, Al Mueller, Will Tietz, Jason Baranec and Jim Vanderzee. Front row (left to right) Rick Baceda, Dan Sullivan, Brian Sullivan and John Federkeil.

The process to take a new project or renovation from conceptualization to a living and breathing space is complex. Requests for tender, adhering to building codes, balancing multiple stakeholder needs, co-ordinating services and materials and transitioning offices and classrooms to new spaces is not an easy task. The Major Building Construction Team consistently navigates these challenges.

The individual members of the team are experts in their field and put an incredible amount of effort into ensuring the University gets the best value for its money and that construction details meet design requirements, all the while maintaining normal day-to-day operations. These thankless, tedious and often behind-the-scenes tasks are completed with little fanfare, but are necessary to bring a project to completion.

The members of the Major Building Construction Team are: Brian Sullivan, associate director, Facilities; Bill Hudgins, project manager; Jason Baranec, project co-ordinator; John Federkeil, utility operations; Will Tietz, electrical; Dan Sullivan, locks and doors; Jim Vanderzee, building maintenance; Rick Baceda, building envelopes and interiors; Al Mueller, painting & signage.