Campus Life

Teaching Centre's Meadows honoured with President's Award

The University of Lethbridge is proud to recognize Jeff Meadows (BSc/BEd ’97, MEd ’05) as the President's Award for Service Excellence winner for the APO classification.

Jeff Meadows

Fiercely compassionate, Jeff Meadow’s dedication to supporting teaching and learning are truly remarkable. As the assistant director of the Teaching Centre, Jeff’s work spans more than 15 years and encompasses countless projects and initiatives. Described by team members and colleagues as an exemplary leader and a highly respected voice, Jeff’s passion for uplifting others is renowned across campus.

As the first person at work each day and with his signature open-door policy, team members look forward to his greeting and support as early as 7:30 each morning. His flexibility, availability and people-first approach leave those who interact with Jeff with a feeling of gratitude. Jeff handles difficult situations with tact and patience, uplifting team members and building community across campus.

Always humble, Jeff is the type of individual to pick up projects and tasks that are challenging and unglamorous, giving others credit before himself. That said, Jeff is the driving force behind the success of many ideas and projects coming to fruition and often aids faculty looking to increase engagement and build community in their classrooms.

Jeff helped create the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning group and serves on the SPARK organizing committee and the Teaching Centre’s Talking about Teaching programs. He helped facilitate the Instructional Skills Workshop and Facilitators Development Workshop for graduate students and faculty members and led the creation of Fit for Online, an intensive boot camp that helped faculty members design their courses for online learning. In addition to mentoring co-op and applied studies students, Jeff also co-teaches a third-year liberal education course that he co-designed with Agility.

Jeff’s supportive presence is unmatched, and his ability to lighten a situation is hard not to notice. He creates memorable experiences for everyone who interacts with him. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee or acting as a shoulder to cry on, Jeff makes the Teaching Centre feel like a family.