Students' Union recognizes contributors

The University of Lethbridge Students' Union held its annual Recognition Dinner on Friday, Apr. 8 to acknowledge the incoming and outgoing councils, as well as honour those dedicated individuals who contribute so much to the ULSU.

The ULSU award winners are as follows:

Employee of the Year -- Cheri Pokarney

This annual award is presented to the Students' Union employee who has made the most outstanding contributions to our organization over the past year and best displays the values of the Students' Union. The winner of this year has only been with the organization for a relatively short time, but she has come into her position with strength and dedication. She is always willing to help the Executive Council with any questions or concerns, and acts as a driving force for the entire office. The winner this year best demonstrates the core of what the Students' Union is; dedication to students.

John Brockelesby Students' Union Award of Excellence -- Armin Escher

This award is for the General Assembly member who has made the most outstanding contribution to this University. As anyone who has met this individual knows, he is extremely passionate and determined. Never one to be shy during General Assembly meetings, he has kept this entire organization accountable. This individual has sat on numerous committees for both the Students' Union and the University and is always ready to be the voice of the students. He also organized the second annual Fashion Drive to raise money for student scholarships. The ULSU is pleased to have had him on the General Assembly this year, and knows he will do great things as the incoming Board of Governors Representative.

Bill Chapman Students' Union Certificate of Distinction -- Eva Gorny

This is an annual award presented to the University of Lethbridge student who has shown the most innovation in the area(s) of student affairs, wellness, or any other notable field over the past year. The winner this year is an extremely active student in many ways, especially with the Rotaract Club. She has volunteered at many events and is always looking for new ways to raise awareness for causes she feels strongly about. This year she organized the first ever 12-hour Relay for Life, which raised money in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. This year she was received the 2010 Leaders of Tomorrow Volunteer Excellence Award, given on behalf of Volunteer Lethbridge. She has gone beyond expectations of the average student, and we are so glad that she is part of our community.

Students' Union Helping Hand Award -- Karol Budny

This is an annual award presented to a University of Lethbridge faculty or staff employee that has made the most significant and lasting contribution to the University of Lethbridge Students' Union and their members over the past academic year. The winner has always been willing to help out the Students' Union in any way he can. Whether it means lending a hand or a ladder, he is eager to serve the SU in any way possible. He is always positive and so polite to everyone he interacts with and is always quick to respond to any requests the SU has. Any task that this individual takes on is completed thoroughly and promptly, and regularly exceeding expectations.

Outstanding Dedication Award -- Bob Cooney

This award honors the faculty or staff member who demonstrates outstanding dedication to the students of the University of Lethbridge. Students are the heart of the University, and this individual consistently seeks to make sure the heart is strong. Any time a student or a club needs help with promoting an event he has been eager to help out in ways that surpass his job description. He has even dedicated time to help the Executive Council of the SU learn how to properly handle the media.

Continued Support Award -- Calvin Toth

This is presented to a University of Lethbridge faculty or employee in special recognition to outstanding dedication to the students of the University of Lethbridge. This year's winner continually puts in all of his effort to helping the students. He spends nights, weekends and even lunch hours in assisting students to put on their events. Almost every club has had this individual working behind the scenes for them, and he is always willing to help with any last minute considerations. Never one to give up, he is persistent to delivering quality service.

Students' Union Student Employee of the Year Award -- Dukagjin Berisha

This is an annual award presented to the Students' Union student employee who has demonstrated the most exceptional contribution to our organization over the past year. This individual personifies the values of the University of Lethbridge Students' Union in all his endeavors and is enrolled as a full-time student at the University of Lethbridge. This year's recipient is hard working and always looking for more ways to help out. He goes above and beyond expectations, is extremely reliable and always positive. This person is mindful of the little things and provides great customer service with his polite and conscientious demeanor.

Students' Union Club of the Year Award -- PRIDE Centre

This annual award is to honor the Students' Union ratified club that has demonstrated the most dazzling effort and dedication in its endeavors over the past year. This club should have held numerous successful events and should be in excellent standing with Clubs' Council. This club has attended every Clubs' Council and always coming to up with something new. This club is constantly looking for ways to positively spread their message to the community, and bring a sense of belonging to the students. They are one of the most active clubs on campus, and probably the most persistent.

Students' Union Student of the Year Award -- Thomas Fox

This award recognizes the student who has shown excellent effort and commitment to his or her endeavors over the past year. Our recipient this year has taken on enough activities for an entire committee and still manages to find time for more. He was president of two clubs this year; Amnesty International and the Chess Club, participated in the Student Speaker Challenge, and even had time to serenade the masses at the occasional Open Mic Night. This person has worked closely with the Lethbridge Public Interest Research Group to promote important causes to the student community, such as the Bring your own Bag movement.

Legacy Award -- Taz Kassam, 2010/2011 Students' Union President

The Legacy Award is presented to the President of the University of Lethbridge Students' Union. It symbolizes the hard work put in by the outgoing council, under the guidance of the President. This year has been quite dynamic, seeing a lot of new events and great incentives. This year council came together to support each other, and a lot of it had to do with the drive and optimism of the President. She is a great communicator and always works for the best interests of the students. The ULSU President is unbelievably organized and an exceptional leader.