Sendas to be honoured at Management dinner

If, in the first two minutes of discussing the sport of judo, the name of Dr. Yosh Senda is not uttered, then the conversation is truly lacking in depth.

Simply stated, Senda and judo are synonymous and fully complementary. To discuss one without the other does a disservice to both. For that, Senda has been recognized time and again for his invaluable contribution to the growth of the ancient, time-honoured sport. He, along with his wife Florence, will once again take centre stage next month as the University of Lethbridge's Faculty of Management pays tribute to Senda at the 22nd Annual Scholarship Fundraising Dinner.

Scheduled for Friday, Mar. 13 at the Lethbridge Lodge Hotel, the Faculty will recognize the contributions of Senda to the sport of judo; honouring a man who has devoted 75-plus years to the noble pursuit.

"Dr. Senda has dedicated his life to building the sport of judo in Lethbridge," says Chris Spearman in nominating Senda as an honouree. "He instills in his students that judo is more than just a physical exercise for the body – judo is a way of life. He takes pride when his students do well in competition; his only requirement is that his students try their very best and never give up hope."

Senda has represented the sport in several capacities, coaching all the way up to the Olympic level. Achieving glory and fame however, is the farthest thing from his mind. In fact it is ironic that a man so soft-spoken, so humble and dedicated to being a volunteer, would elicit so much attention.

Named to the Order of Canada in 2008, the country's highest civilian honour, Senda's list of awards and hall of fame dedications is awe inspiring. Through it all, he simply sees himself as a "judo boy", supported ably by Florence, herself a third degree black belt.

Without Senda, the sport of judo would not hold such a prominent place in the local, provincial and national sporting scene, nor would the U of L have a judo exchange program that continues today to allow judo students an opportunity to travel to Japan and return with lifelong memories.

It promises to be a special night, and one well deserved, as the Faculty of Management celebrates both Yosh and Florence Senda and their contributions to the sporting community.

For tickets to the event, contact Steve Craig, Director – Cooperative Education and Internships, at 403-329-5181.