Rez Wars promotes engagement

The University of Lethbridge Organization of Residence Students (ORS) and Students' Union have teamed up again this year to engage in a little friendly competition, all while cleaning up the coulees.

Rez Wars is a competition amongst residence students that stimulates a good-hearted match and engages students in social activities.

The Sunday, Sept. 26 event begins at 2 p.m. at the U of L Breezeway in University Hall. Participants are given 45 minutes to go into the coulees and pick up as much debris as possible.

Debris collected is then divided into recycling and waste, with the winning team determined by volume collected.

"It is really important for students, especially those in their first year of university, to engage in these types of activities," says Taz Kassam, ULSU President. "It promotes a fun environment and aids in further on-campus student engagement."

The University of Lethbridge Students' Union supports ORS in an attempt to clean up the community, not just for students, but also for everyone.

"This group works so hard throughout the year at ensuring our students are involved in the community, and this is a clear reflection of the impact a group of people can have while still having fun," adds Kassam.

The ORS is the biggest student club on campus, with 587 on-campus residents. Statistics show that students in residence are 18.4 per cent more likely to graduate university than students who haven't lived in residence.

"This is our way to give back to the community. We take a lot of pride in living here in Lethbridge and this is our way to show it," says Shane Townsend, a residence assistant and one of the event organizers. "We hope to have 250 people out dressed up in their floor colours cleaning up the coulees."