Red Nose results speak to significance of program

Southern Alberta roads were much safer through the holiday season thanks to the continued presence of Operation Red Nose.

Another season of service wrapped up on New Year's eve as the Pronghorn Athletics-initiated program took to the roads to ferry partygoers home safely.

In this, the 19th season of Operation Red Nose at the U of L, a total of 641 volunteers contributed to the program providing 1,254 total rides home through the holidays. On New Year's eve alone, 49 volunteers assisted in providing 136 safe rides home.

Nationally, Operation Red Nose celebrated its 30th year of existence and welcomed its one millionth volunteer to the program. Since 1984, volunteers across the country have been helping to provide safe rides home to those who feel unfit to drive. How many lives have been saved as a result cannot be calculated but it is safe to say that Operation Red Nose has made a significant impact on communities throughout the nation.

Pronghorn Athletics extends an appreciative thank you to the many volunteers, sponsors and partners who assisted the 2013 Operation Red Nose campaign, as well as those who used the service and made donations to the program.

The 20th anniversary of Operation Red Nose in Lethbridge will be ready to take to the streets Dec. 5, 2014.