Campus Life

Recognizing winners of the 2020 President's Awards

The President’s Award for Service Excellence is awarded annually to University of Lethbridge employees in recognition of the provision of exceptional service to the University of Lethbridge and members of the University community.

Typically, one award is given to an AUPE/ESS employee, one award is given to an APO/Executive Director employee and a third is given to a team or group (not awarded this year) that has distinguished itself.

Following are the 2020 winners.

APO — Catharine Reader

A dedicated and creative professional, Catharine Reader goes above and beyond to raise the profile of our students, faculty members and University.

As director of marketing and communications in the Faculty of Arts & Science, the breadth of Catharine’s work spans more than 30 departments and programs, ranging in scope from supporting recruitment initiatives, managing the Faculty’s web sites and social media, developing content and organizing events. With everything she does, Catharine represents the Faculty and the University with grace and professionalism, always ensuring the highest of standards are exceeded.

Catharine is the driving force behind a number of initiatives within the Faculty, including the Arts & Science Scholarship Dinner, the Celebration of Academic Excellence and the PUBlic Professor series. Over the years, Catharine has worked tirelessly taking the PUBlic Professor series from an idea to a greatly anticipated monthly event that connects the University with the community, sharing the Faculty’s outstanding research with the public and sparking important conversations. Even the COVID restrictions this year couldn’t put a damper on the series. Catharine expanded her video production and social media skills and took the series online to a worldwide audience.

Through hard work, long hours and an enormous amount of care, Catharine has built a reputation of being a knowledgeable and trusted resource among her colleagues from across the University. Catharine continuously updates her skills, and is recognized for her expert project management, technical, communication, recruitment and marketing abilities. She is generous with her time and knowledge, and is always there to collaborate and help a colleague, friend and her family.

Catharine puts her heart into everything she does, and her love for the University and our students truly shines.

AUPE — Ron Schreiber

As a support analyst in the Managed Applications team with Information Technology Services, Ron Schreiber supports key information systems across campus. Within Ancillary Services, Ron supports with an array of systems and programs that affect everyday life on campus, including Bridge Bucks, student laundry, printing and dining plans. His expertise is critical to the smooth operation of the systems behind the many daily transactions students make on campus.

Regardless of the time of day, Ron provides excellent service in a calm, unflappable way. Often, staff will call him with an urgent matter involving a system malfunction and he responds immediately to solve the problem. His dedication to great customer service extends to making sure students, when they move in to residence, have access to a back-up dining plan card if they misplace their card, making sure new students have a positive first impression of the University in the process. When students have an issue he can’t resolve behind the scenes, he’s open to having them visit his office so he can address the problem in person.

Ron takes a proactive approach and quickly identifies potential challenges or technical issues with Ancillary Services systems to minimize the impact on operations. In addition to maintaining current systems, he seeks out new solutions to expand services while reducing costs to the University. These projects typically include coordinating with other departments and vendors on campus and he takes a lead role in ensuring a successful outcome.

Described as positive, reliable, helpful, prompt and downright amazing, Ron goes above and beyond in carrying out his duties. His steadfast dedication to excellent service inspires everyone he comes into contact with.