Quad construction beginning

University quadrangles, better known as quads, are visible expressions of a university community and can enhance the quality of student, staff and visitor experiences on campus.

The University of Lethbridge recognizes the importance of preserving public green space, and the Department of Facilities is embarking on the construction of a vibrant and unique outdoor gathering space that should be ready to use by fall 2012.

Construction on the quad will begin in early June with completion expected late August to early September.

Located just north of Markin Hall, at the site of the former track, the new trapezium-shaped courtyard will feature a core open space surrounded on three sides by small rolling hills to accommodate comfortable sitting and lounging, as well as connecting, well-lit sidewalks bordered by trees and plants. Development this summer will include grading and landscaping of the site and installation of sidewalks and lighting. Carl Granzow's Suitcase sculptures will be placed at the southeast section of the quad. The sculptures were once displayed on the south patio on Level 6 of the University Centre for the Arts.

Quad design
The proposed quad that will be constructed this summer on the area north of Markin Hall and east of Anderson Hall.

Future construction will include a continuous bench that will frame the perimeter of the core and offer a variety of seating areas.

The quad will function mainly as an open, casual gathering space with the ability to support various activities throughout the year. Its design allows the University to maintain its commitment to sustainable development while creating an iconic destination on campus. It also incorporates a storm water management system where low areas can capture and use storm water from the site and adjacent areas. These areas will contain a limited amount of maintained grass to allow more natural vegetation to grow.

Wind protection has also been considered for the site, which opens the door for collaboration with the art community to incorporate functional art as a wind shelter.

For more information on this project contact Dick Lutwick at 403-329-2640 or