Proper eating habits start at home


It is more difficult to eat a balanced diet when eating out, and much easier to overeat with restaurant mega-sized food portions.

The Canadian Community Health Survey shows that Canadian adults are eating less milk products, vegetables and fruit; but have still continued to increase our fat and overall calorie intake. In short, we're eating more calories and getting less nutrition.

Try these four easy tips to improve your eating habits.

Home is Healthier
Home-cooked meals allow you to control the sodium and fat content of your foods, with no unwanted trans fats. Include whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and calcium and iron food sources to balance your meals. You'll also benefit by saving money because you're eating out less!

Feast with Family and Friends
Studies show that families who eat together have healthier eating habits. If you're living away from family, make time to enjoy meals more often with roommates and friends.

Role Model
Do you find yourself making poor food choices around some individuals? If so, then it's up to you to take the lead. When you make healthier food choices, you'll discover people around you will begin to follow suit. Try snacking on yogurt, fresh fruit or vegetables and watch the people around you pick up your good eating habits.

Turn off the Tube
Make your meals a TV-free zone. Research shows that people who eat in front of the television eat more and have more trouble maintaining a healthy weight. So, turn off the TV and turn down the weight gain.

For an individual nutrition appointment, call the Health Centre (SU020) at 403-329-2484. Initial sessions are $40 per person.

Diane Britton is the University of Lethbridge's on-campus registered dietitian

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