Campus Life

President's Awards celebrate outstanding service

The President's Awards for Service Exellence were handed out at the annual Long Service Awards & Retiree Recognition celebration on May 4, 2016, and once again they reflect some of the University's most outstanding individuals and teams.

The award winners are listed below.

Teaching Centre Staff - Team

Said to be one of the most positive and upbeat places on campus, the Teaching Centre is home to a team that consistently provides exceptional service and support to those who teach at the U of L. Committed to customer service and creating a sense of ‘home’ on campus for instructors, the Teaching Centre is a highly valuable, yet rarely celebrated, resource that enhances the teaching experience and the impact our teaching staff has on students.

The Teaching Centre staff form a powerhouse; each member performs a crucial role to support the whole. First point of contact Jill Payant organizes events, triages questions and concerns; provides administrative assistance and all other duties as assigned; Bernie Wirzba and Victoria Holec strive to improve the effectiveness of learning environments; John Kometz and Alyssa Di Rocco support and keep Moodle and other technologies running; Tyler Heaton evaluates and supports classroom technologies; Brad Reamsbottom organizes events and works collaboratively with Glenda Martens to develop the many publications of the Teaching Centre such as the ‘Light on Teaching’ Magazine; Todd Doucette's work in video production has expanded the University’s reach into the broader Lethbridge community through his Ed Talks TV show airing regularly on Shaw; Doug Orr and Jeff Meadows' work with faculty, graduate students and instructors to provide support for their teaching; and David Hinger’s remarkable leadership empowers those he works with to take initiative and go above and beyond their job requirements. This is a group of individuals fully dedicated to teaching excellence and customer service.

This remarkable team provides exceptional service to the community, works together to help advance one of the central functions of this university, and is committed to innovation and leadership. All this is done with a spirit of professionalism, enthusiasm and genuine passion for this institution.

Rosemary Howard - AUPE

A proud University of Lethbridge graduate, Rosemary Howard (BASC ‘73) began working full time in the University Library in January of 1973 and shortly thereafter moved into the Interlibrary Loan department.

Rosemary has led the interlibrary loan team at the University for more than 40 years. She works diligently to find research, articles and books for students and faculty members. Rosemary is known for her ability to acquire the “almost impossible” for members of the university community. She has requested and received interlibrary loans for very rare and difficult-to-locate materials, found titles in foreign languages, and found and requested items from libraries all over the world. Rosemary is quite the detective; it is a rare request that goes unfilled. She can track down incomplete citations, make sense of improper bibliographic information and find items that have been mis-shelved for years. She leaves everyone with the feeling that she and her team did everything they could to meet the research request.

The technology in libraries has changed dramatically since the 1980s. This is no less true than in the field of interlibrary loans. From a world of paper catalogues, fax machines and postal mail, to one that employs integrated systems to deliver content directly to email inboxes, Rosemary has moved with the times. Through all the changes, she has adapted and evolved with the environment ­— learning and mastering the new technologies critical to successful outcomes in her work to become one of the best in her field.

Jadranka Smiljanec - AUPE

As a housekeeper with Housing Services for 30 years, Jadranka (Jay) Smiljanec is an unsung hero who demonstrates an inspiring work ethic and positive attitude. She truly cares for the students who live in residence, and takes on physically demanding tasks to ensure the health and well-being of our residents. Her efforts have a direct impact on the reputation of our institution, and are deeply connected to resident satisfaction and success.

Since joining the Housing Services team in 1986, Jay has witnessed tremendous growth and change at the University of Lethbridge. From one residence building with 200 students living on campus to seven buildings housing more than 1,000 residents, Jay continues to arrive every morning with a smile on her face and the resolve to tackle the never-ending task of keeping residence clean. Jay has been quoted as saying, “I do love what I do because of the ‘before’ and ‘after’. I feel so much better just seeing it all clean.”

When asked about working with Jay, colleagues all share similar experiences —they are warmly welcomed, respected and appreciated. Jay has provided both professional training and valuable life lessons with hundreds of housekeeping employees, and is a true constant in an industry with high turnover rates.

Jay truly cares for residence students and contributes positively to on-campus student life. She treats our students as her own family and treats our living spaces as if they were her home. She is a motherly figure and a tremendous role model for residents and Residence Assistants.

Jay is someone you meet and never forget. Between her naturally welcoming presence, her willingness to go out of her way to smile and say hello, and her highly sought-after baklava, she is integral to the residence experience and the Housing Services team.

Aaron Tamayose - APO

As manager of the Accommodated Learning Centre, Aaron Tamayose (BA ’09) serves students with enthusiasm, caring and open-mindedness. Aaron ensures students are connected to learning supports, receive necessary accommodations and have access to a myriad of funding resources. He works tirelessly to guarantee that all students supported by his team are treated equitably, with esteem and dignity.

Aaron is thorough, patient and compassionate; he is able to quickly assess when adaptations are needed in a variety of situations. His passion for assisting people is apparent when interacting with students of varying disabilities and mental health concerns. In fact, Aaron treats everyone — students, parents and employees — with integrity and respect regardless of circumstance.

A passionate alumnus, Aaron is deeply committed to the University. From his determined quest for knowledge to his ambitious involvement with multiple committees and organizations, Aaron's professionalism and dedication to the U of L is exemplary. Some of the groups Aaron is involved with include: the People Plan, Disability Parking working group, multiple subcommittees for mental health programs, co-chair of the Harassment and Discrimination consulting group, and the anticipated Integrated Post-Secondary Experience Program.

In addition to the work arising from his position and his volunteer responsibilities, he is actively pursuing a master's degree in counselling psychology.