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President Mahon and family step up to support Pronghorn Athletics

A bold expression of support from University of Lethbridge President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Mike Mahon and his wife Maureen highlighted the fourth annual Pronghorns Scholarship Breakfast, held Tuesday, Sept. 29, at the University’s 1st Choice Savings Centre Gymnasium.

A personal family donation from Maureen and Mike Mahon of $60,000 will help establish 11 new scholarships for Pronghorn athletes.

Mahon pledged a personal family donation of $60,000 to help establish 11 new scholarships for U of L Pronghorn athletes.

“Pronghorn Athletics plays an integral role in the University of Lethbridge experience and is one of our most tangible touch points with the southern Alberta community,” says Mahon. “I have advocated for the program and I think it’s important we take the lead and show that we believe in Pronghorn Athletics and are committed to seeing it thrive. I challenge the community to join us in support of our student athletes.”

Mahon explains that the gift was a family decision, wholly supported by his wife Maureen.

“We have always seen sport and wellness as cornerstones of a healthy, vibrant and active community,” he says. “Our family has been engaged in sport and wellness activities in some capacity all of our lives and cannot overstate what they add to the community and how they enrich the campus experience.”

The scholarship gift is a multi-year pledge designed to recognize sport and volunteerism. Each of the nine Pronghorn teams will receive an award (with both track and swimming getting two awards each for male and female athletes).

“It’s one thing for your president to say he supports your program but for the Mahon family to back that up with a gift of this magnitude shows that they believe in what we are doing and where the program is going,” says Interim Executive Director, Sport & Recreation Services Ken McInnes (BA ’91, BMgt ’97, Mgt Certificate ’02). “Including this gift, the proceeds from the breakfast and some matching funds from the University, we raised close to $120,000 this morning in support of our athletes – and that is exceptional.”