Campus Life

Positive Space a debut effort for director

TheatreXtra puts a positive spin on the theatre with the Nov. 5 to 7 showing of Positive Space.

"I've always been an actor, but this is my first time directing," says dramatic arts major Ian McFarlane about his directorial debut. "Positive Space presents creative ways for audiences to perceive and think about theatre."

Showing 8 p.m. nightly, with a 2 p.m. matinee on Nov. 7, Positive Space invites audiences to experience theatre rather than just be spectators – to change their perceptions of what theatre is and how intriguing theatre can be.

"This project has taken about a year and a half to complete," McFarlane says. "Space was the original concept – that the theatre itself is a character."

Positive Space is an organic and somewhat spontaneous creation on stage – a collective creation between actor, theatre and audience.

"It's been a challenge throughout the process to encourage the actors to push themselves further, to explore theatre in a new way," he adds. "The audience is also an active participant. I feel I'm more of a facilitator, rather than an actor or director in a classical sense."

Entertaining and engaging, Positive Space takes theatre out of the box. The mandate of TheatreXtra is to challenge students and push the boundaries of classical theatre. Positive Space plans to accomplish that and redirect audience perceptions towards other theatrical possibilities.

Tickets are available at the University Box Office, 403-329-2616.