Campus Life

Parking passes under scrutiny

Security Services is currently investigating a number of forged and stolen parking passes that have been found in vehicles on campus.

Among the more than 4,000 passes issued each year, about 40 are recorded as missing or stolen. Security Services will issue a replacement for a $30 fee. Some passes which blow away in the wind are often returned. Unfortunately, some of them show up again – hanging from someone else's rear view mirror.

The challenges to a person caught with a forged or stolen pass are significant. First of all, your vehicle is immediately towed. Then there's the court system: the parking pass is the property of the U of L, and has a reasonable value, so you are considered to be in possession of forged and/or stolen property, which is a criminal offence. A conviction can also be married to a significant fine or, worst case, prison.

If you're a student, you'll also face some type of academic discipline, up to and including expulsion, along with a note on your academic record. Employees can be disciplined or their employment terminated.

If you have found a parking pass, please turn it in to the Security Services office, L911, Level Nine, University Library building, just across from the Mr. Sub food kiosk.

If you have lost your pass, please report it immediately so that steps can be taken to issue a new one and to help Security Services track the old one down. Call Security Services at 403-329-2345.