Campus Life

Parking lot construction at north entrance

Some short term pain will result in long term gain for visitors to the University of Lethbridge.

Construction to improve the parking lot on level 6 at the north end of University Hall is scheduled to begin Monday, July 18, thereby restricting access to the north entrance to construction traffic only for the better part of a month.

This project is being done to improve access to University Hall and provide additional parking stalls. The area will be completely rehabilitated, including the removal and replacement of curbs and gutter and the provision of new lighting. Upon completion, parking will be provided for approximately 25 vehicles and will include areas for motorcycle and bicycle parking. It is expected that construction will be substantially completed by the middle of August.

During construction there will be heavy equipment on site and large portions of the roadway within this area will be affected. Access to the north entrance to University Hall will be restricted to construction traffic only.

Efforts will be made to provide pedestrian access at the north end of University Hall for people who park in lot K, however there may be occasions when access is limited.

Signs will be posted near the site, and updates will be made available through the U of L website as required during construction.

If people have questions or concerns, contact Dick Lutwick directly at 403-329-2640 or e-mail