Maclean's confirms U of L strengths

The University of Lethbridge has retained its fourth place finish in the annual Maclean's Magazine ranking of Canadian Universities, and maintained or improved its position in a majority of the categories used by Maclean's to measure Canadian post-secondary institutions.

"We always appreciate the opportunity to have survey information made available to the public," says U of L President Mike Mahon. "We are particularly pleased with the increases in our overall reputational survey marks, our jump in social sciences and humanities grants and the number of resources we devote to student support."

This year, the rankings were based on 14 indicators, ranging from class sizes to research dollars.

"As we evolve to become a more comprehensive research university, it is important that we not lose sight of our focus on students and the services that are important to them," says Mahon. " The numbers clearly indicate that we are doing both – moving our research programming forward, but not at the expense of our student-centred philosophy."

Mahon adds that the national benchmarking is helpful for Albertans and people from across the country who are considering the U of L as their destination university.

"We are very proud of how we compare to other institutions nationally, because we are clearly providing the services, atmosphere and level of student engagement that our students and their families value."

In addition to gains in overall reputation and the amount of funding directed to student services and humanities research, the institution saw 94 per cent and 95 per cent of respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing on 'overall satisfaction' and 'would you choose the U of L again?' questions asked as part of a national survey.

Mahon says that anyone considering the U of L should do more than read the rankings report, or any number of other ratings and assessments available on line, including a recent Globe and Mail report card which also rates the U of L highly.

"For those people in our area, we are conveniently located for students to achieve a nationally-recognized education. For Calgarians and central Albertans, we're a short drive away."

Potential students have a hands-on chance to discover the U of L and meet with admissions representatives and faculty members at a day-long recruitment open house scheduled for Saturday, Nov 5. In addition to campus tours and information sessions, prospective students can enter a contest to win a $1,500 tuition credit.