Kelley committed to helping students thrive

The University of Lethbridge looked a lot different when Dr. Helen Kelley (MSc (Mgt) '94, Mgt '93) was on campus as a student, but even though its appearance has changed, Kelley says the spirit of support at the University of Lethbridge is something that’s always been here.

A longtime faculty member and contributor to Supporting Our Students, Kelley sees the program as delivering on the U of L promise to put students first.

“It was absolutely amazing,” says Kelley of her time as an undergraduate student. “I was able to interact a lot with faculty members and they encouraged me to take advantage of every educational opportunity. My initial experience at the U of L planted the seeds for going on to graduate school.”

The seeds grew. Kelley completed a master’s degree in management majoring in information systems, and a PhD in business administration majoring in information systems – the master’s at the U of L, the PhD at Western. It was during her pursuit of a PhD that Kelley gained a new appreciation for what the U of L offers.

“It was natural to compare the two schools and the experiences I had at each,” says Kelley. “The size of the U of L, the interaction I had with professors, the personalized approach – I felt the U of L was a hidden jewel. The University of Lethbridge gave me so much as a student. Now I’m able to give back on a different level.”

Kelley returned to the U of L in 1999 as a faculty member. Today, she is the acting associate dean in the School of Graduate Studies, and pays her appreciation for the U of L forward in several ways as a longtime faculty member and administrator. Much of Kelley’s daily work involves exploring ways to enhance the overall experience of grad students on campus. For example, in 2012, Kelley chaired a working group responsible for the development and launch of THRIVE, a professional skills development program for U of L graduate students.

“Supporting Our Students (SOS) is a brilliant program, one that I’m thrilled to support,” says Kelley. “Students often face financial constraints. The cost of university can be stressful and even prohibitive for some. Our students deserve every chance to excel, and through SOS we as faculty and staff have a fantastic opportunity to help ease their way.”

The commitment of, “putting our students first” at the U of L is one reason Kelley cites for contributing to SOS, but bigger than that is the message the fund sends to students.

“It says we care. It says we value what students are trying to accomplish and we want them to achieve their goals,” says Kelley. “A bit of financial assistance provides students with many opportunities, which opens the door to success, but also to an all-around more enjoyable university experience.”


Join Helen and support our students today.