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On the Ice of Labrador, a unique, visual experience

True stories about aviators, trombone players, mortality on railroad tracks, blood sugar cycles of a young diabetic, an English woman in a hut of rotten potatoes and a journey of Alzheimer's are all woven together in one stunning dance production.

On the Ice of Labrador, by Montréal Danse, appears Tuesday, Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. in the University Theatre.

Known for its captivating dances and exceptional dancers, Montréal Danse has toured throughout Canada, South America, the United States, Europe, Asia and Central America. In this production by British Columbia-based choreographer Sarah Chase, seven dancers move and talk together, bringing fragments of identity and memory to life.

As these fragments accumulate in beautiful dances and personal stories, we glimpse something more essential, something unidentifiable.

"This is a performance that goes beyond the words and the dancing to connect to audiences in a powerful way," says Lisa Doolittle, Now Showing curator/producer. "Every one of us has pieces of family stories, almost like fragments of those songs that you can't get out of your head. Maybe you've heard these stories a thousand times but never fully comprehended. One day, unexpectedly, a story resonates and at last you feel and see what it means. On the Ice of Labrador is full of such flashes of recognition and connection. It's a beautiful piece."

Montréal Danse is devoted to creating vibrant works that play with concepts, visions, structures and vocabularies in its pursuit to capture the imagination. Artistic Director Kathy Casey seeks choreographers who stand apart from the crowd and asks of them and the company's dancers to delve into the unknown.

"This approach is Montréal Danse's way of discovering what is fresh, audacious and exciting in the art form," says Doolittle.

Tickets for On the Ice of Labrador are priced at $20 students/seniors and $25 regular from the U of L Box Office (403-329-2616).