Experts gather for water conference

Decisions made about water are fundamental to society's long-term social, environmental and economic prosperity.

In the face of compelling regional, national and global water challenges, the University of Lethbridge, with local, regional, national and international partners, is hosting Water in a World of Seven Billion, an innovative conference taking place in Calgary, May 8-12, bringing together leading experts in water conservation, usage and policy development.

Leading sponsors of the conference include the Canadian Wildlife Federation, Alberta Innovates: Energy & Environment Solutions and the University of Lethbridge. More than 30 speakers are on the agenda.

Rick Mrazek
Dr. Rick Mrazek is a driving force behind the U of L's water research.

Conference organizers say this is a unique opportunity to learn from water scholars, decision-makers, managers and educators, who will focus on identifying and articulating the science, knowledge and activities that lead to game-changing improvements that support sustainable water management outcomes.

"A primary focus of this event is to enable the direct engagement of students and education professionals with the participants and experts attending the conference," says Dr. Rick Mrazek, one of the conference organizers and a faculty member in the Faculty of Education.

"To create an enduring product and ongoing dialogue, the sessions will be video-taped and in some cases live-streamed via the event website. Presenters and participants will be able to provide their reaction to the events and discussions through various social media channels and there will be an opportunity for students in remote locations to directly participate in some sessions."

Mrazek says the final day of the conference is organized as an education forum.

"Throughout the event, a number of students, educators and education organizations will attend to gain important background knowledge on the range of issues that can be addressed through improved education activities and resources.These educators and students, along with other education professionals, will spend the Saturday exploring opportunities to bring new science into the classroom as part of curriculum, to explore activities and opportunities to put that knowledge to work, and to explore new tools, mechanisms and opportunities to improve learning."

The complete conference schedule, speaker list and registration information are all available at

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