Exemplary Research + Engaged Students = Extraordinary Results

At the U of L, undergraduate students in multiple disciplines are working alongside faculty members, supporting the long and often complex process of academic research. It’s a tremendous opportunity for learning – particularly when it’s combined with a liberal education. 

U of L students – at all levels – play a key role in the discoveries they learn about in the classroom. By participating in the investigative journey, their learning goes beyond the theoretical to the practical. Their curiosity is piqued, their creativity grows and their confidence to handle future academic challenges increases. Students gain critical-thinking and communication skills that will prove useful in advanced studies as well as the workplace. 

Meanwhile, the entire U of L community benefits from the new viewpoints and inquiries that arise while working with research-focused students – many of whom will go on to become the next generation of researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Such exciting examples of learning and collaboration are pillars at the U of L, where research encompasses a broad spectrum of activities and a liberal-arts education means students are free to explore diverse paths to discovery – whether that means conducting research in the laboratory, preparing for case competitions, applying classroom-based knowledge to real-world challenges or contributing to important cultural projects. 

Taken together, these experiences speak to the adaptability and big-picture thinking of students with strong research and problem-solving skills – a true definition of a liberal education for the 21st century. And those graduates are prepared to go on to great achievements. In fact, one-third of all chief executive officers of Fortune 500 companies have a liberal-education background.

Throughout the following stories, you will be introduced to students who have dreams of success and are pursuing them at the U of L - proving that when highly engaged learners participate in exemplary research, the results are extraordinary.