Campus Life

Dr. Harold Jansen to assume role of Interim University Librarian

Long-time University of Lethbridge educator and administrator Dr. Harold Jansen will take on a new role this summer when he assumes the position of Interim University Librarian, beginning July 1, 2021.

“Dr. Jansen has long been one of our most respected educators and innovators, always seeking to expand his pedagogy and enhance his ability to connect with his students,” says Dr. Erasmus Okine, the University’s provost and vice-president (academic). “Harold is also a valued researcher in the political science community, and has been instrumental as an influential policy shaper at the administrative level. His perspective will be greatly valued in this important role.”

Jansen has been with the U of L since 1998, teaching political science in the Faculty of Arts & Science. He most recently has been serving as associate dean for the Faculty and has long been recognized as a leading voice on Canadian politics. His insightful research work on political party and election finance in Canada is well recognized in his field and he’s consistently been voted one of the most popular teachers on campus.

In 2019, Jansen was honoured with the Distinguished Teaching Award, and he has also served as a Board of Governors Teaching Chair. From Edmonton, Alberta, he earned his bachelor’s in political science from the University of Alberta, a master’s from Carleton University, and then returned to the U of A to complete a doctorate in political science.

Jansen assumes the role held by Dr. Chris Nicol, who begins his administrative leave on July 1, 2021. Nicol, the former dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science, has been the University Librarian since 2012.

“Dr. Nicol’s strong management and leadership skills have highlighted his term in the library,” adds Okine. “He’s also been able to effectively communicate to upper-level administration how unique the library is as a department, and we express our gratitude to him for his service in this role.”