Discovery Day for CWSF participants

Canada-Wide Science Fair participants will not just be sitting by their projects this week.

In addition to a host of local and regional tours and activities, faculty members, undergraduate and graduate students and staff from the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College have developed a large number of hands-on activities for the students to participate in, and which showcase the diversity of research and creative activities taking place on both campuses.

All events run from 1:30 p.m. to approximately 5 p.m., on Monday, May 13. Events are hands-on, and media friendly.

CWSF participants were able to choose two activities from a total of 25 from departments/faculties including physics, chemistry and biochemistry, biology, geography, Math and Computer Science, New Media, Fine Arts, Kinesiology, Management, Nursing, Modern Languages and Neuroscience.

Lethbridge College's Wind Energy program is featured, alongside their engineering technology programs.

A short list is below, and a complete list can be found here.

Discovery Day activities for participants in grades Seven to 9

Francophone Science Sampler – This session will be exclusively in French and include a variety of science activities and tours of the University of Lethbridge. Students will have the opportunity to learn about multiple science disciplines through demonstrations and hands on lessons.

"Performing" Science – Bringing Science to Life: Students will take to the stage to apply their creativity by composing a theatrical version of the various processes and reactions that you would normally see in laboratory.

U of L Art Gallery Science Challenge! – Discover just how much math and science is needed to work in the art field - both as an artist and as someone who works at a gallery.

International Wind Energy Academy, Lethbridge College – KidWind Challenge: How does a wind turbine work?

The Science of Stop Motion Technology – Students in this session will explore motion capture technology and learn why it is used in the entertainment industry as well as scientific research.

Fine Arts Maker Fair - Soldering and Circuit Boards

Water Watch – Monitoring Pollution in Our Water (Bilingual)

Computer Science – Lego Robotics Challenge

Kinesiology and the Human Body

Alberta Water and Environmental Science Building Interactive Tour

Logic and Puzzles

Discovery Day activities for participants in grades 10 – 12

The Science Behind Nursing – Students make Life and Death Decisions in the SimLab

I made millions! I crashed the stock market! – Students will use the U of L's Faculty of Management's Financial Trading Room to learn about Finance and the basics of trading. They will simulate multi-million dollar trades and compete (for prizes!) to see who can make the best trade

Digital Musical Instruments – Design and Performance

Digital Audio Arts – Listening and Mixing in the U of L's $1million sound studio

The Physics of Music – This session will give students a chance to create sound waves, observe resonance and to learn about harmonics and overtones using computer software. Students will also explore electronics and futuristic physics designs.

GIS Mapping Lab

All About ribonucleic acid (RNA)

Synthetic Biology Overview – Hosted by the award-winning University of Lethbridge international Genetically
Engineered Machine competition (iGEM) team

3 Dimensional Scanning and GIS Network Analysis – Lethbridge College Engineering program will show students how traditional surveying methods are now being replaced by methods such as 3 Dimensional scanning.

Moving Past the Two Dimensional – Using the computer program Autodesk Inventor students will transform 2D sketches into 3D components that they will ultimately bring together to build a 3D assembled model.

Organic Chemistry and the Chemistry of Carbon Compounds (Bilingual)

The Brilliant World of Fluorescent Proteins (Bilingual)

Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience Interactive Tours