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The Country Wife is naughty and satirically flamboyant

A titillating and rollicking sex comedy, The Country Wife was considered too naughty for 18th and 19th century audiences. However, 21st century theatre goers can enjoy this production on the University Theatre stage from March 18 to 22 at 8 p.m. nightly.

The Country Wife was considered too naughty back in its day. You be the judge.

This 300-year-old classic, written by William Wycherley, has continued to entertain audiences since it was first produced in 1675, however, not without controversy. Filled with wildly entertaining innuendo and clever plot twists, this Restoration play transports audiences back to a satirically flamboyant era!

Harry Horner spreads an explicit rumour of his unfortunate impotence throughout the town. His strategy is perfectly risqué - to trick the townsfolk into allowing him to fraternize with the local women. While chasing his sexual exploits he encounters the lusty Margery Pinchwife, a country girl betrothed to the unassuming and naïve Mr. Pinchwife. Their ridiculous relationship and crass calamity keeps audiences enraptured from beginning to end!

“Our production connects the audience with the characters on stage – an approximation of theatre as it was done when this play was first written. Theatre was lively, with conversations and interaction between audience and actors. Our version works to accomplish that,” says Ron Chambers, director.  From traditional-style bench seating to ‘orange wenches’ sashaying through the audience selling their wares, this up-close and personal experience is not to be missed.

The sumptuous set, designed by Jim Wills, and beautiful costumes, designed by Leslie Robison-Greene, transport audiences to an extravagant 17th century. Over 900 hours have gone into the construction of the highly detailed costumes alone.

“The actors have studied how people of that era wore and used their clothing, their postures and movements. The audience will be able to see the incredible detail that was put into constructing these costumes since they will be seated close to the actors as well,” says Chambers

Tickets for The Country Wife are available at the University Box Office, or by calling 403-329-2616. Tickets are priced at $18 regular, $15 senior, $12 students and are also available for purchase online: