Combined degrees introduced

Three University of Lethbridge faculties are collaborating on two new, innovative combined degree programs that will bring a management focus to Health Sciences (Public Health) and Fine Arts (New Media).

Open to all current or incoming students beginning in September, 2012 these first-in-Canada degrees are designed to bring the best of all three groups' academic and career-related processes together so students can earn a Bachelor of Management and either a Bachelor of Fine Arts, New Media or a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Public Health.

Graduates would be granted two degrees after meeting the requirements of both programs.

"This is a great example of our faculty members recognizing an opportunity, driven in part by requests from our students, to bring added value to three completely different degree programs," says Dr. Andy Hakin, the U of L's Vice-President, Academic and Provost.

"Cross-campus collaboration happens in many places at the U of L, formally and informally, and these new combined degrees show the type of creativity, innovation and co-operation that helps our students achieve their full potential. I commend the Management, Fine Arts and Health Sciences teams that put these programs together."

Co-operative and applied study opportunities are available in all three faculties so students can further enhance their skills and work experiences in Canada or internationally.

As well, merit-based and entrance scholarships are available in Management, Public Health and Fine Arts.

For Dr. Bob Ellis, the Dean of the Faculty of Management, the chance to work with his colleagues in two different degree streams was an opportunity that further reinforces his interest in collaboration.

"We have excellent programs in our respective Faculties, and graduates of these dual degree programs will possess exceptional knowledge and skills that employers will seek out," says Ellis.


The dual Fine Arts/Management degrees combine new media, film and video production, art, drama, and music with marketing, information technology, and management practice.

"The B.F.A. (New Media)/B.Mgt. combined degrees makes graduates even more competitive in the marketplace, giving them skills in interactive technologies, marketing in digital media and social networking sites, as well as business and people management," says Dr. Desmond Rochfort, the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

"This unique combination of business and new media expertise opens up more professional opportunities for our fine arts students, and also for those management students who are looking to add the creativity of new media to their degrees."


The combined Public Health/Management degree will see students taking courses in ethics, psychology, ecology of health and disease, human geography and addictions, combined with finance, organizational behavior, global management and labour relations, among other courses.

"Given that policy and administration are key streams of Public Health, an option to combine the B.H.Sc. (Public Health) degree with a Management degree provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain knowledge in both areas," says Dr. Christopher Hosgood, the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

"By focusing the skills of management in the field of public health, graduates will be able to seek opportunities in administrative positions in a variety of areas of public health practice. Our program is developing a good track record of placing students with employers upon graduation, in public, private, and not-for-profit sectors that require specialists in public health who know how to manage people and resources and understand strategic and policy issues."