Chem Guys open for Mythbusters

John Eng and Wayne Lippa won't be blowing up too much stuff at the Feb. 6 Mythbusters event, but they will be setting a few things on fire, all the while teaching the sold-out crowd about chemistry in a fun and inventive way.

Together, Eng and Lippa have been promoting chemistry in the community as The Chem Guys for a decade. Their goal is to displace the general public dislike of chemistry with a message that chemistry is fun.

Eng has a BSc in Biochemistry from Simon Fraser University and has been teaching chemistry at the U of L since January 1987. Lippa has a BSc/BEd degree from the U of L and has been teaching at the University since August 1997.

They are available to drop in to schools with their traveling road show, and can be contacted at