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Calgary Connection - Meet Dr. YJ Bao

Calgary Connection - A series of articles connecting with the University of Lethbridge's Calgary campus

“Think beyond the classroom. Think beyond Alberta. Think globally!”

Teaching business strategy and organization theory on the U of L Calgary Campus since 2000, Dr. YJ Bao has taught his students to think globally.

That’s the philosophy of University of Lethbridge management professor Dr. YJ Bao. Teaching business strategy and organization theory on the U of L Calgary Campus since 2000, Bao has taught his students to think globally, but he doesn’t do it alone.

“The University of Lethbridge Calgary Campus has a different feel from others,” he explains. “I especially appreciate the environment here that enables instructors to tap into the talents that we have within the Faculty. Everyone is friendly to each other and we are looking out for each other too.”

There is a connection between faculty members here in Calgary that other institutions might not get to experience. For example, in the past five years Bao has been guest speaker on Chinese Culture to many classes on campus. Born in China, he received a bachelor’s degree in law from Fudan University, located in Shanghai, before coming to North America where he earned his MPA and PhD in public policy from the University of Southern California.

Bao retained his connection to China by writing articles for the Shanghai Observer, business papers and a weekly article in a Chinese newspaper. He’s also written many books on crisis management and cross-cultural study on business ethics and performance, which has allowed him to assist many companies in China by training managers on crisis management and leadership development. Bao is knowledgeable when it comes to Chinese culture and business. Guest speaking to other classes allows for him and other instructors to add another dimension to our students’ education.

“When faculty collaborate like we do here, it adds diversification to our students’ education,” Bao says.

Tapping into the collective talents of the faculty on the Calgary Campus is one of the ways this campus is unique. Diversifying our students’ education allows them to put theory into practice. It’s about making the course material relevant and allowing our working students to take what they have learned in class and use it to improve and grow their job skills and career. Professors like Bao are diversifying our students’ education so they have a greater chance at success by thinking beyond the classroom.