Campus Life

Boil Water Order in effect at University, throughout region

The City of Lethbridge has issued a Boil Water Order. This action does affect those living, working and studying on our Lethbridge campus.

The University of Lethbridge will remain open with regularly scheduled classes for the duration of this Boil Water Order.

On Wednesday, Mar. 12, the City of Lethbridge declared a local state of emergency due to a critical water storage situation. In response, the City closed its pools and arenas to conserve water. Following the City’s lead, the U of L closed the Max Bell Regional Aquatic Centre and showers in the 1st Choice Savings Centre. The pool will remain closed and showers turned off until the Boil Water Order is lifted.

For additional information on the status of facility re-opening, please look for information here.

The U of L is making arrangements to bring additional bottled water on campus and is taking safety precautions for the duration of this Boil Water Order period. According to the City of Lethbridge, this Order is in effect until further notice and is expected to last several days.

Drinking Water

During the Boil Water Order, students, staff and faculty should not drink water from the fountains or taps and are encouraged to drink boiled or bottled water while on campus. Students living in residence, who have access to a stove, need to follow the Boil Water Order, which is included in a link below.

The University is working with suppliers in an effort to ensure bottled water is available on campus during this situation. It is expected that a significant shipment will arrive Friday morning. Availability may be short in the interim though. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to bring their own water with them until the Boil Water Order is lifted.


Washroom facilities at the University are operational. Please do not consume water from the taps.

Food Services

Food Services will be open on campus. Some regular menu items may not be available as adjustments are made to ensure safety of patrons.

Health Services

The U of L’s Health Centre is aware of this situation. Typical illnesses from untreated water can include signs/symptoms of diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea/vomiting, and fever.

If you or someone you know is SEVERELY ill, please call 911 for an ambulance to transport them to the hospital.

If you are generally ill with symptoms that are manageable, please call the Health Centre at 403-329-2484 ext. 1 and ask to speak with a nurse about your symptoms. If the phone is not answered, please leave your name, phone number, and your symptoms to the confidential voice mail system. The Heath Centre will track illness due to this water event and will return your call to provide health advice on dealing with your illness.

If you are ill and unsure of what to do, you can Call Health Link Alberta 1-866-408-5465.

Additional Safety Measures

Fire safety/suppression systems are unaffected.

Signage has been placed by water fountains, building entrances and in washrooms alerting the campus community and visitors not to drink the water. Additionally, information about the Boil Water Order, and the University’s activities related to it, is posted on the Notice Board, Digital Signage and U of L social media channels.

More Information

Information about the City of Lethbridge Boil Water Order and be found on the City’s website.

Alberta Health Services has additional information about what to do during and after a Boil Water Order.

If there is a significant change in the situation, we will notify our campus community by e-mail. Also, please watch the Notice Board or the U of L’s Facebook page for additional updates.