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Alums making best of flooding situation

The weeks-long flooding crisis in Australia may seem like a world away to southern Albertans but it hits close to home for the University of Lethbridge's Heather Anderson, an administrative assistant for Pronghorns Athletics.

Anderson's daughter, Lindsay Trebble (BSc '09), along with her husband Dan Trebble (BMgt '08), is currently living in Toowoomba, a city in South East Queensland, Aus. Floodwaters roared through their city last week, sweeping away their car but otherwise leaving the young family unharmed.

Aussie Flooding
Alumni Lindsay Trebble, background, and Dan Trebble, rescue their dog from a local kennel as flood waters race through the city of Toowoomba, Australia.

"It was pretty scary to see the pictures they sent but thankfully, they all made it through," says Anderson, whose son Tanner is also in Australia visiting Lindsay and Dan.

The couple, both 24, has been in Australia since June 2009 where Lindsay works at a life insurance company and Dan is a marketing manager. From her conversations with Lindsay, Heather says the roads are again opening in Toowoomba and flood waters are receding. Located 127km west of Brisbane, Toowoomba is Australia's second largest inland city and on higher ground, some 2,300 feet above sea level. Flooding in that area is extremely rare because of its altitude.

The family's vehicle, which was swept away after Lindsay parked it at work, has been recovered but may not be salvageable. The video below shows the raging floodwaters and a vehicle (not theirs) rushing down the street. Their car was parked in front of the blue building.

Those looking to help Australian flood victims can donate to the cause by following this link.