Return to Campus Update - July 23, 2021

This notice is from the archives of The Notice Board. Information contained in this notice was accurate at the time of publication but may no longer be so.

1. When will the University Open?

University buildings are open for normal operations as of, July 26, 2021, except for the University Library. The University Library will reopen on August 9, 2021. 

Opening hours for University buildings are as follows:

  • July: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • August 3 onwards: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Calgary Campus - We also continue to work with Bow Valley College as part of the process to reopen our Calgary campus. Employees working on the Calgary Campus will also begin their transition to campus mid-August for a return to in person learning and services for the Fall Semester. Information regarding health and safety protocols that will be in effect on the Calgary Campus will be communicated to Calgary Campus Faculty, Staff and Students in early August and any questions can be directed to the Executive Director, Calgary Campus

2. What date are we required to begin transitioning back to campus?

To facilitate a transition back to campus, all buildings will be open on July 26. Everyone who wishes to attend campus is invited to campus as of that day.

The plan is for in-person work to fully commence on campus as of September 1st and for the transition to in-person work to begin as of July 26. 

3. Where do we park?

Normal parking regulations have been reinstated as of today.  Paid parking is available on campus in designated paying lots. Details on parking lot locations can be found following this link:

Staff and faculty can also contact Campus Mobility ( to reinstate their monthly parking permits if they do not currently have a valid parking permit.

4. Do we need an access card?

During the opening hours mentioned in #1 above, access cards will not be needed to visit campus or enter buildings. 

5. What steps have been taken to ensure safety?

Regular cleaning on campus has continued throughout the pandemic. Additional sanitization has also been done using specific products that eliminate pathogens such as COVID-19.

All entrances to buildings are equipped with hand sanitization stations and masks to be used for any individual that requires these.

Ventilation throughout all buildings has been increased both in the quantity of fresh outside air that is being introduced inside the buildings and also the enhanced filtration of any air that is being circulated inside the buildings. Facilities confirms that all air meets the ASHRAE standards using at least MERV13 filters.

All water fountains have been sanitized and are ready to be used.

6. Should I get vaccinated?

Vaccines are safe and effective and are your best protection against severe health outcomes. Alberta Health Services has an excellent information page to be found here:

The University of Lethbridge strongly recommends everyone coming to campus to be fully vaccinated in order to protect the health of our community.

The uLethbridge It’s Worth a Shot! contest offers many great prizes for students and employees who have received their first vaccination. The entry deadline for employees is August 2; the entry deadline for students is September 8. 

7. Are Masks required?

Vaccines and masks are proven and effective measures to enhance the safety of everyone on campus. 

Masks are required everywhere on campus where physical distancing of at least 6 feet cannot be guaranteed. For example, all classrooms, labs, studio space, meeting rooms, elevators, dining spaces (when not eating), bookstore, hallways and washrooms require masking at all times. Masking requirements will be re-evaluated on a weekly basis.

8. Is a daily health check required?

Yes, the daily health check will continue to be done until further notice. This can either be done through the app (ulethbridge Safe app) or through the Being on Campus registry (

9. Can I continue to work from home?

As we move forward to return to normal life as it was pre-pandemic, returning to work on campus helps to alleviate worries and anxieties that may have built up during the pandemic.

People are encouraged to return to work on campus for their regular work duties.

Individuals requiring accommodation should discuss this with their direct supervisor.

10. Will in-person meetings be allowed?

Yes, in-person meetings will be allowed on campus, following the masking requirements as outlined in #7 above. 

Meeting room booking requests can be made the same way as it was pre-pandemic.

11. Will physical distancing be required in meetings/classes?

Physical distancing will not be possible in many scenarios on campus. This reinforces the need for masking in meetings and classrooms, as outlined in #7 above

12. What if I have further questions?

We are here to help and guide you to your return to campus. We commit to answering any questions that you may have. Please contact us via these email addresses (Trushar Patel at and Wim Chalmet at with any questions or concerns you may have.


Trushar Patel and Wim Chalmet 
Return to Campus Coordination Leads 



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