Research Data Management: An Introduction

Presenters: Emma Scott & Sandra Cowan, ULethbridge Librarians

This seminar is part of the Navigating Research Data Management (RDM) series.

Join librarians as they introduce researchers to the information, tools, and resources that will prepare them for the emerging RDM landscape in Canada. The release of the Tri-Agency RDM Policy places new demands on researchers around the planning and use of research data. Many funding agencies now require a data management plan as part of their grant application. Researchers will learn what a data management plan is, the considerations when creating one, and how to incorporate research data management in their grant applications.

This seminar is open to all Faculty members and their research teams, including undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs and research associates.

Early Career Researchers who attend at least six seminars over the year will be eligible for a seed grant to support their research program. 

*Light refreshments will be provided

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