Music at Noon presents: A Musical Immersive Comprovisation with Kaon'CPT

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Music at Noon concert series presents:
A Musical Immersive Comprovisation with Kaon'CPT
12:15 pm | March 30, 2021
uLethbridge Online Presentation

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Join an international collective of artists spanning the globe, from Sendai [Japan] to Seattle [Washington State] and within Canada, from Montreal to Lethbridge. Pull out your virtual reality gear for Mozilla's Hubs or join us on Twitch. Music for acoustic and virtual instruments, and live algorithmic composition.

Hubs will be the main, immersive, venue for this event. Capacity is 25 avatars. Additional audience may experience the concert by listening from the Hubs lobby or by following the performance streamed on Twitch.

Artists Include:
Nicolas BOUILLOT, acoustic guitar
Emmanuel DURAND, audio and visual mix
Stuart McLEOD, percussion
Nina RIPOLL, piano
Michał SETA, electric guitar, VR coordinator
Zack SETTEL, voice, keyboards and kazoo
Bennett Keith SMITH, spoken word
Dirk STROMBERG, phallophone
D. Andrew STEWART, karlax and live coding

The Kaon'CPTs is an ephemeral band dedicated to flip along several time realities. Undecided, their action oscillate, alternate from physical to virtual, hesitate between now, before and later. Previous activities include synchronised networked music, implementing timecode-based behaviours and listening to buffer underflows in interactive cyber worlds. Actually, nothing periodically unusual can affect Kaon'CPT's conservation of entropy. The core members, mostly research members of the Metalab at La Société des arts technologiques, Montreal, have been operating music together at previous occasions, including collaborations with scientists (The Melatab, at Network Music Festival in 2013) and unmanaged kids (Gaping Fools, since 2007 in garages, caves and living-rooms).

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