Art NOW series presents Aubyn O'Grady

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Art NOW presents: Aubyn O'Grady
Running an art school is a lot like running a feminist pro wrestling league
Noon | March 8, 2024
University Recital Hall

Aubyn O’Grady is the Program Director & Chair of the Yukon School of Visual Arts. Aubyn’s interdisciplinary academic and art works travel between performance, pedagogy, and professionalism. Community engagement is the focus of her arts practice, often taking up the very place she lives in as her material. She is a frequent and enthusiastic collaborator, and so, can rarely take sole credit for any project she organizes. However, she can be credited with conceptualizing the Dawson City League of Lady Wrestlers (2013-2017), the Swimming Lessons Aquatic Lecture series (2017-2018), Local Field School (2020+), and Drawlidays (2019, 2020), a Dawson City-wide portrait exchange.

Image: League of Lady Wrestlers North End Knockout [Performance], North End Park, Dawson City, YT. Courtesy of Aubyn O’Grady. Photo by Andy Pee.


Free admission, all are welcome to attend

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.


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