Architecture & Design NOW series presents Kirsty Robertson

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Architecture & Design NOW speaker series presents: Kirsty Robertson
Synthetic Forever: White Suits, Fatbergs, and the Breathing Museum
6 p.m. MT | November 20, 2023
Room L1060, LINC Building

The speaker joins us virtually in room L1060 for this talk.

Kirsty Robertson is Professor of Contemporary Art and Director of Museum and Curatorial Studies in the Department of Visual Arts at Western University where she also directs the Centre for Sustainable Curating (CSC). The CSC supports research, visual/digital production, and pedagogy focused on environmental and social justice, and encourages the development of exhibitions and artworks with low carbon footprints. Additionally, Robertson has published widely on activism, visual culture and museums culminating in her book Tear Gas Epiphanies: Protest, Museums, Culture (McGill-Queen’s University Press, May 2019). Her new work focuses on small and micro- collections that repurpose traditional museum formats for critical and politically radical projects. Robertson is a founding member of the Synthetic Collective, a group of artists, scientists and cultural researchers working on plastics pollution in the Great Lakes Region and project co-lead on A Museum for Future Fossils, an ongoing “vernacular museum” that responds curatorially to ecological crisis.

Image: Kirsty Robertson, We Could Live For a Thousand Years (still), 2022, video, 23 minutes, filmed by Jennifer Martin.

Room or Area: 
Room L1060

Free admission, everyone welcome


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