Below is a course list for the Spring semester of 2017.

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ART 2850AIntroduction to Ceramic ArtTanya Doody
ART 3005APrint Media Without a PressGlen MacKinnon
DRAM 2350YASpeech CommunicationJamie Dunsdon
DRAM 3040AExploring CreativityAndrew Legg
DRAM 3850YShakespeare for the IntimidatedGarland Dobbin
DRAM 4990AVertigo Internship - General InternGarland Dobbin
DRAM 4990BInternship at Vertigo TheatreGarland Dobbin
DRAM 4990CVertigo General InternshipGarland Dobbin
DRAM 4990DVertigo Theatre InternshipGarland Dobbin
FA 3001XCo-op Work Experience IJasminn Berteotti
FA 3002XCo-op Work Experience IIJasminn Berteotti
FA 3003XCo-op Work Experience IIIJasminn Berteotti
FA 3004XCo-op Work Experience IVJasminn Berteotti
FA 3005XCo-op Work Experience VJasminn Berteotti
FA 3006XCo-op Work Experience VIJasminn Berteotti
MUSI 1011AMaterials of MusicAdam Mason
MUSI 3200AHistory of Rock and Roll to 1970Nick Sullivan
MUSI 3200YHistory of Rock and Roll to 1970Geoffrey Wilson
MUSI 3850AMusic TherapyAndrew Ichikawa
NMED 1000YIntroduction to New MediaMarta Timmer
NMED 1000YIntroduction to New MediaMarta Timmer
NMED 3250YMedia, Advertising, and Consumer CultureDavid Coman
NMED 3300ATheory and Aesthetics of Digital GamesDavid Clearwater
NMED 3850ADesign Thinking and CreativityLance Chong
NMED 3990AProgramming for Live PerformanceLance Chong
NMED 4651XInternshipRyan Harper
NMED 4850ADeveloping Media for ChildrenRyan Harper