BFA - Art/BEd

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Art/Bachelor of Education

Develop as an artist and an art specialist in the contemporary classroom. This combined degrees take five years to complete and you graduate with two degrees. Your BFA - Art covers the subject you want to teach, and the Education degree (BEd) consists of three professional semesters which provide practical experience through supervised placements in schools.

Studio courses introduce diverse materials and technical skills, and prepare you to move onto a range of studio areas including:

  • drawing
  • digital fabrication
  • electronic art
  • installation and performance art
  • painting
  • photography
  • printmaking
  • sculpture
  • video and media art

As a senior student, you have an individual studio space and one-on-one mentorship from an art studio professor as you develop your own art direction. Art History/Museum Studies courses help develop critical thinking and writing skills, preparing you for professional practice as an artist and educator.

What Can I Do With My Major?



Know your calendar year

Remember that program requirements vary depending on the calendar year, which is usually the year of admission to uLethbridge. Therefore requirements may differ from year to year, even within the same major.

For questions about this or changing calendar years speak with an advisor.



Sample Sequencing Plan

Shown below is a sample of courses for your degree.  If you follow this plan, you should be able to graduate in the time shown.  If you want to alter the sequence, consult with an Academic Advisor

For more information on individual courses, see the Course Catalogue or review your Program Planning Guide.

Year 1, Fall

Year 1, Spring

Art History 1000

Art History 2001

Art 2031

Art History 2225

Art 2032

Art 3010

Liberal Education List Requirement

Art 3060 or Art Studio: List I

Liberal Education List Requirement

Art Studio: List I


Year 2, Fall

Year 2, Spring

Art 3061 or Art Studio: List I

Art Studio: List II

Art History: List A

Art History: List B

Art Studio: List II

Art Studio: List II

Liberal Education List Requirement

Art Studio: List II

Liberal Education List Requirement

Education 2500


Year 3, Fall

Year 3, Spring

Art 3040 (6.0 credit hours)

Art 3261 or Art 3262

Art History: List C

Art 4048 (6.0 credit hours)

Liberal Education List Requirement

Art History: List A, B, or C

Liberal Education List Requirement

Liberal Education List Requirement


Admission to the Faculty of Education

Year 4, Fall

Year 4, Spring

Professional Semester I (PS I)

Professional Semester II (PS II)


Year 5, Fall

Year 5, Spring

Professional Semester III (PS III)

Education Foundation course


Education Elective


Education Elective


Education Elective


Liberal Education List Requirement

Elementary Education and Inclusive Education students will reverse the fall and spring terms in Year 5 and complete PS III in the spring.



Topics Courses

Example: ART 3015 - Installation Art: Site, Sense, Process

This course is an introduction to installation art. Students will develop projects individually and collaboratively and will explore fundamental aspects of installation art including its relationship to site and process, its connection to various conditions—whether aesthetic, spatial, historical, social or political—and its bridging of conventional art boundaries: public and private, subjective and collective, permanent and mutable. Students will utilize a range of characteristic elements and media such as: light, colour, objects, text, images, bodies, drawing, sound, narrative, gesture and performance. The presence of the viewer/visitor, the work’s relationship to time, space and material, and intersections between event, experience and documentation, will be considered.

Prerequisites as per calendar

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A minor is a good way to complement your major, have your interests in another subject area recognized on your official transcript, and expand your employment opportunities. It is an optional component of your degree program that requires a smaller number of courses to complete.

See An Advisor for more information about this.