PUBlic Professor Series presents Melissa Shouting and Christine Clark

Weaving World Views: The web as a space for cultural vitality

"Technology can work against us, or we can harness it and use it … from a perspective that’s ours as Blackfoot people.” ~ Ki'naksaapo'p, Narcisse Blood Late activist, educator, filmmaker, visionary and Blackfoot Elder from the Kainai Nation.

The web is an integral part of our digital lives and, like all media, website design and development is a reflection of cultural values. This reflection influences what we see on a website and what we don’t; ways for us interact with it and ways to prevent site interaction. This talk explores ways we're reshaping the web with Indigenous worldviews, creating cultural revitalization, renewal and relationship building. The talk also examines ways this reshaping connects with holistic concepts of health and well-being for Indigenous communities.