Penny Pickles

Penny Pickles

5 Questions with Dr. Olu Awosoga

A unique ability to use statistical analysis in the behavioural sciences creates opportunities for Dr. Olu Awosoga to work in a variety of fields

5 Questions with Dr. Carly Adams

Dr. Carly Adams joined the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education in July 2007. Her research interests lie in the study of 20th century Canadian sport, gender, regional and local history, oral history and women's sport governance.

5 Questions with Dr. Claudia Gonzalez

Dr. Claudia Gonzalez is fascinated by how the brain works, pushing her to discover how the brain integrates sensory, motor and cognitive information

5 Questions with . . .Dr. Nicole Rosen

Dr. Nicole Rosen found a way to combine her love of analysis and scientific method with her passion for social observation and interaction through her linguistic studies


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