Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Health Sciences

Currie sees change on the horizon

The U of L's Translational Health Chair in Aboriginal Health and Wellness is determined to help narrow the well-being gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada

Shedding New Light on a Dark Subject

Peter Kellett believes that many men who suffer from depression are misdiagnosed and, even more concerning, may never seek care in the first place.

Shedding new light on a dark subject

Nursing instructor Peter Kellett says that we need to be able to identify men’s depression and understand all the social contexts that are tied to it

The Science of Mistakes

Mark Pijl Zieber examines the fear of making mistakes and how to improve student learning both before mistakes are made and after they’ve happened

The Dance of Change

Lisa Doolittle once lived the life of a professional artist, drawing on the passion for her craft as a dancer and choreographer to create a shared experience with her audience. That passion still burns inside Doolittle, only now the outlet is academia.

Awosoga finds a way to pay it forward

Dr. Olu Awosoga, a contributor of the Supporting Our Students program asks, "University is incredibly expensive, but think about the cost of not having it?"


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