Campus Life

U of L’s 50th anniversary plans promise to engage community

The University of Lethbridge will soon be 50 years old, an anniversary that will be marked all year long with activities to spark a sense of nostalgia, fuel the imagination for a shiny future and to simply enjoy.

“We look forward to celebrating this milestone in our history with the community of Lethbridge and southern Alberta,” says Dr. Mike Mahon, U of L president and vice-chancellor. “Fifty years ago, our University began as a vision held within the hearts of many southern Albertans. This determined group of individuals, who were very forward looking, imagined a university that could be different. Fifty years later, I’d say that vision has materialized. Today, the U of L is widely recognized as one of Canada’s top-ranked universities and a leading research institution.”

The 2017 year will be filled with special events and activities. First on the calendar is the Founders’ Day Weekend on Jan. 13 and 14.

“We have many reasons to celebrate, chief among them are all the people who have been a part of our journey for the past five decades,” says Dr. Chris Hosgood, dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and co-chair of the U of L’s 50th anniversary committee. “We hope everyone with a connection to the University will come and join us for a fun-filled weekend of activities.”

As part of Founders’ Day, the U of L will announce some of the special initiatives and activities planned for the year, says Chris Horbachewski, vice-president of University Advancement and co-chair of the U of L’s 50th anniversary committee.

“I hope people will join us and participate in as many of the activities as they can,” says Horbachewski. “We have a great lineup of events throughout the weekend and many are family friendly.”

The Founders’ Day Weekend begins at noon on Friday, Jan. 13 with a free barbecue lunch for the first 800 guests, complete with a birthday cake built to remember. John Wort Hannam (BA/BEd ’96), songwriter and musician, will premiere the U of L’s 50th anniversary song. The U of L tartan will be unveiled and a special U of L label for a locally made beer will be revealed. A variety of additional projects will also be announced. Other highlights include themed campus tours, indoor tailgate parties, Pronghorn games, Frost Fest and the True North Cabaret on Saturday night, featuring the talents of Wort Hannam, the Groove Apostles and The Blue.

More information about anniversary activities can be found at the UL50 Years website.