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There might be an easier way

Sunny summer air is sweeping over Lethbridge but many people are struggling to release their worries and bask in the warm optimism of the new season.

There have been a lot of changes to our University landscape over the last year and shaking off the frost is going to take time. The natural world is budding more enthusiastically than the economic world – budgets are leaner and departments are smaller.

Experience tells us that these conditions are temporary, but the pressures of doing more with less remain. So how can we make the most of what we have? Maybe we need to look at how we're using our resources.

Sometimes finding a more efficient way to do things is easier than you think. An example I experienced recently serves as illustration. To prevent my curious toddler from playing in the garbage can by her change table I would place heavy objects on the lid after each use, or run interference whenever she approached. She isn't strong enough to pop the can open with the foot pedal when there is something on the lid, and I can outmaneuver her with ease, so I felt this method was an excellent solution. That is, until my 13-year old walked into the room and turned the can around so that my stubby-legged munchkin simply couldn't reach the foot pedal. Voila, baby quickly lost interest, and I could still use the can with ease.

How much time and energy had I spent removing and replacing the obstacle, or clipping my little girl at the knees before she reached the can? It was a simple reminder that a second perspective can pay dividends, even when things seem to be working fine.

Most people can identify at least one process affecting their job that they feel is cumbersome, over-controlled or inefficient. The challenge is finding the best resolution without going too far in the other direction. Engaging Internal Audit to assist might be your fastest route to the resources you need.

Internal Audit can provide advice, checklists or process ideas for almost any area, leaving you with more time to enjoy the sunshine.

If you would like more information about Internal Audit's services, or would like to request assistance or ask for tips, please visit

Sonya von Heyking is the University's internal auditor