Support for U of L remains strong

The University of Lethbridge's 2008 fundraising results show that a healthy $7 million was raised to support more than 200 separate areas on campus — from scholarships and bursaries to research projects and equipment purchases that will make a significant difference to students and researchers.

"Despite challenging economic times that have had an impact globally, the U of L has had one of the best years ever, thanks to our generous contributors," says President Bill Cade. "Our dedicated donors made this year such a success, and we are truly grateful."

Cade adds it is important local leaders continue to guide the way.

"There is no doubt that as times get tough we need individuals and private businesses to show leadership and confidence through continued investment in our community.
"The support provided to the University is a great example of this leadership. We are building something very special here at the University of Lethbridge — something our community can be proud of. I think the support we received this past year shows they are already proud."

In 2008, more than 3,200 gifts were received from alumni, friends, students and current and retired employees, with 69 per cent of those gifts destined to help students directly through awards.

Donor generosity also enabled the University to obtain more than $3 million in matching funds from the Government of Alberta through the Access to the Future Fund. Since 2005, more than $9 million has been directed toward the University of Lethbridge for scholarships, bursaries and support to the institution as a result of the province's matching program.