Campus Life

Students step into the future

For a group of current University of Lethbridge students, the future home of science became a reality recently when they took a step onto the construction site of the new Science and Academic Building.

Members of the Organization of Residence Students (ORS) and residence advisors Kate Potts, Jaylyn Potts, Brady Hornung, Adam Geib and Kya Zoretich were among those given a tour of the building. Having never been on a construction site of this size before, the students say they were left in awe after the tour.

“The main atrium when walking into the building was most impressive to me,” says ORS President, Hornung. “The obvious appeal of having a giant glass wall overlooking the coulees is going to make the space feel very open and welcoming. The way the project is built around this main atrium with offices, meeting rooms and classrooms will create such a positive energy for this hub at the heart of the Science and Academic Building.”

For Kate Potts, ORS vice-president of University Hall, learning how the building is designed to enhance transdisciplinary work was enlightening.

“I enjoyed seeing how bright and open the space is going to be as well as hearing about the thought that went behind each and every decision made for the project,” says Potts.

Leading the tour of the building was an especially significant highlight for Program Director, Brian Sullivan.

“Students are going to benefit so much from having a state-of-the-art facility to learn and explore in. Being able to show this group of students the spaces they’ll be getting to experience and seeing the amazement on their faces was truly wonderful,” says Sullivan.

As for contributing to the student experience, Vice-President of Coulee View, Adam Geib says the new building will be a huge positive for the future of U of L students.

“I think this building is going to improve the lives of students greatly,” says Geib. “I think it will not only allow for more opportunities to be taken by students who are in the sciences, but as well I think that it will allow other programs to expand and get new spaces of their own since the science labs will be moved over. This building will put the University in the forefront for research and will allow students to experience things they would not have before.”