Students entitled to WCB coverage

Being a student at the University of Lethbridge requires a lot of work; in fact it's enough to earn Workers' Compensation Board coverage.

Students registered in and attending a post-secondary institution in Alberta, as outlined in Section 7(1)(c) of the General Regulations of the Worker's Compensation Act, who are enrolled in a vocational or academic program leading to a degree or certification, are considered to be workers of the Government of Alberta and are entitled to WCB coverage.

This regulation applies to all students who are in attendance at the University of Lethbridge, except those students who suffer accidents while engaging or participating in extra curricular sporting, recreational, social or personal fulfillment activities which are not a current academic requisite or required as a part of the course of study in which the student is registered.

There are many benefits that students enjoy as a result of this coverage entitlement, especially for students whose academic program include practicum, co-op experiences and internships. The coverage however is not specific to only those students but to all students who are involved in their academic endeavors.

If a student is involved in an accident or incident, it should be reported immediately to either U of L Security (403-329-2345) or Risk and Safety Services (403-329-2099) or by completing an on-line incident/accident report.

The Alberta Workers' Compensation Board may not cover distance learners if they do not meet Section 28(1) of the Workers' Compensation Act. For more information contact the Workers' Compensation Board or Risk and Safety Services.

It is extremely important for the University to be immediately notified when a student is involved in an accident or incident in the course of their academic experience to ensure that the matter is reported to WCB within the regulated timelines, enabling WCB to review each situation and determine the student's entitlement to benefits.

The University's Wellness Coordinator, Suzanne McIntosh, administers the WCB portfolio at the University of Lethbridge. McIntosh can be reached at 403-332-5217 or by email at