Students benefit from donor support

A challenging economy has not affected the generosity of the individuals and organizations that supported the University of Lethbridge in 2009.

"Last year, close to 1,500 individuals and organizations partnered with the University to raise nearly $8.4 million," University of Lethbridge President Bill Cade says. "Of those gifts, $4.5 million was raised to support student awards. Those are numbers we can all take great pride in."

The University will release its 2009 Donor Report to the community as part of its SAM magazine distribution, which takes place in late February. On Wednesday, Feb. 3, the University is holding its annual Donor Gala, at which donors are recognized for their valuable contributions to the institution.

"We are incredibly grateful for the support this community shows to its University," adds Cade. "Even when times are tight, people from Lethbridge – and many other Albertans – have shown that they value the important role the University of Lethbridge fulfills, and they recognize the importance of its contributions to our city, province and country."

Cade says attracting new donors and maintaining solid relationships with existing donors contributed to the increase in support from 2008, when the institution raised more than $7 million.

In the end, it is students such as Cassandra Churchill, the winner of the Dr. Barbara June Whitlock Chemistry Scholarship, and James Falconer, the winner of the Senate Award, who benefit from the donor support.

Cade adds that the work of volunteers in raising funds for the University and the addition of new programs – like the new student-run alumni call centre – also play a significant role.

"Our ongoing donor generosity also enabled the University to leverage more than $3 million in matching funds from the Government of Alberta through the Access to the Future Fund," Cade says. "This has been an outstanding commitment on the part of the Government of Alberta to support our students. Since 2005, more than $12 million has been directed toward the University of Lethbridge for scholarships, bursaries and support to the institution as a result of the province's matching program."

For more information on donor activity at the University of Lethbridge, visit this Giving website.


Total dollars raised = $8,368,626

Total number of gifts = 3,619

Total dollars raised for student awards = $4,487,908

Total number of gifts for student awards = 2,386

Total number of 2009 donors = 1,483

Total number of first time U of L donors in 2009 = 652

Number of areas supported = 233