Steve Brodrick continues to stay engaged with his university

When Steve Brodrick (BMgt '09) thinks back on his time at the University of Lethbridge, a myriad of memories emerge – resident student activities, volunteering as a mentor for new students, taking part in the first ever Fresh Fest – just to name a few.

"I sat on the General Assembly for the Students' Union and was president of the Organization of Residence Students. I lived in residence the whole time I was a student and had a great experience," says Brodrick, who is grateful for the opportunities he had to engage with the broader U of L community.

He recognizes that many of those opportunities would not have been available had it not been for the financial support offered through scholarships and bursaries. "As a student, receiving scholarships meant that I could work less and get involved on campus more," says Brodrick, who credits his time at the U of L as a formative period in his life.

The sense of belonging he felt at the U of L was only enhanced when he learned about the number of faculty and staff who support student awards through the Supporting Our Students (SOS) campaign.

"I would be in administrators' offices and see SOS stickers on the wall. When I walked around campus, I saw people that taught and mentored me on SOS banners. That kind of leadership made a big impression on me," says Brodrick. "Knowing that the people around me cared about my student experience meant a lot. It really stuck with me."

Following the lead of U of L faculty and staff, Brodrick established the ORS Council Excellence Award while he was still a student. The scholarship emphasizes leadership, something near and dear to Brodrick's heart.

"I wanted to see more students get involved and to take some initiative towards improving our campus," explains Brodrick, who has also since established the ORS Family Award for students raising children and a Healthy Living Bursary for students living in residence.

Having been immersed in a variety of campus activities as a student, it's no surprise that Brodrick, continues his involvement in his role as associate director of housing services at the U of L.

"For students to have that extra push in the right direction is like running a marathon and someone handing you a water bottle at that halfway mark," he says. "It's just one little thing that will help them get through."

Brodrick now proudly displays his own SOS stickers – and students walking the halls as he once did will soon see his face on a banner. Brodrick is proud to be a part of the campaign and hopes he's inspiring the next generation of U of L donors.